How to Trade Silver Online


When it comes to the Foreign Exchange (ForEx) market, silver and gold are both thought to be currencies, just like any other world currency. Electronic trading can be done for gold and silver, along with other precious metals and even oil.

Trading the price of silver is done in the same way as for other currency pairs.

The single biggest difference is that silver can be traded only against the US dollar, and not against other currencies. If you are looking for how to trade silver online, there are many guides to help you do this.

You can also buy Silver in form of CFDs on brokers like Plus500.

Best Broker For Buying Silver

Plus500 is the best.

The advantages of trading silver online is that:

  1. You don’t have to actually buy any silver and hold it in its physical form. This would give rise to a whole host of new insecurities and stressors.
  2. Silver is classified as a commodity in the stock market, and can be traded with options that are specifically made for this type of trade.

Trading in silver and other precious metals has become a lot more popular in the present day than it ever used to be. This is mainly because silver doesn’t fluctuate based on the state of the economy. The value of these metals changes independently of outside factors that affect other assets and commodities.

Alternatives to Trading Silver the Traditional Way

While trading silver stocks is a great way to try and earn extra money on the side in a more secure way, there are risks involved with it, of course. These aren’t as great as they would be with other types of commodities. However, there is also another factor. If you try to get into the silver trading industry using normal stock market and trader methods, you will need a lot of starting capital.

While the actual trading is pretty simple and straightforward, trying to get into the industry is incredibly difficult. It can drain your savings, and if you make too many bad calls you aren’t going to make any of that large investment back. To put things into perspective, getting into silver trading can cost you a cool $10,000.

The good news is that all hope is not lost. There is another type of trading that has gained popularity in recent years. It appeals to the middle class, the working class of people who can’t budget for tens of thousands of dollars to be invested in trading precious metals. This new type of trading is called binary options trading, and it is taking the investment world by storm. You can easily get into the game because of its lack of a learning curve and the requirement for initial investments as low as $100 for any type of asset. Binary options trading in silver is possible at just about any trustworthy online broker around the world.

Pro Tip – Look for licensing from a financial authority like CySec when picking a broker to trade with.

Get Started with Trading Silver

Silver is traded as a commodity in binary options. You can choose how you want to trade – high/low, put/call, touch/no touch and so on. Each has its own unique advantages and strategies to develop and work with. It is actually quite easy to learn them because of the wealth of educational material offered online and by the brokers as well. Trading in silver can be done for as little as $1 per trade with up to 95% in returns guaranteed for a trade finishing in the money.

All you need to do is set a time period for the option and predict whether or not the value of silver will rise or fall in that time. Easy, huh? If you haven’t checked binary trading out, it is highly recommended that you give it a go!

How to Trade Silver Online: A Beginner’s Guide to Binary Options Trading

Trading silver online has become increasingly popular offering a more accessible and affordable way for individuals to invest in this precious metal.

While traditional silver trading methods require significant starting capital binary options trading provides a viable alternative for those with a limited budget.

Unlike stock market trading binary options trading allows you to trade on the price movements of silver without actually buying the physical metal.

With binary options you can choose from a variety of trading options such as high/low or put/call and set a time period for the trade.

This allows you to predict whether the value of silver will rise or fall within that given timeframe.

The simplicity of binary options trading and the wealth of educational material available online make it an accessible option for beginners.

With initial investments as low as $100 and potential returns of up to 95% binary options trading in silver offers a risk-reward balance that is suitable for those looking to enter the silver trading industry without the need for significant capital.

Option Robot Review

Rating: rating
OptionRobot is one of the best binary options robots with many features and a user friendly layout.

  • Minimum Deposit: $200
  • Robot Accuracy: 83%
  • Accepts US Traders: Yes
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Option Robot Platform Review: is one of the more talked about binary options robots. This is a browser based binary options auto trader with a really good success rate. The binary options robot places trades automatically with a broker that you have previously chosen. Let’s take a look at why this auto trader is better than the competition:

Robot Name OptionRobot
Minimum Deposit $200
Minimum Trade $10
Depositor Bonus Welcome Bonus From The Brokers
Robot Accuracy 83%
Price Free, if you sign up through one of their brokers.

Licensing and Regulations

As does not fall under the category of a binary options broker, it is not licensed by another authority. Nonetheless, does offer a number of brokers that have been licensed by entities such as the CySEC. From this association alone, it is easy to conclude that this auto trader is a reliable one.

Also this robot does not make claim to have 90+% success rate like some of the scam robots out there. Software Review

There are two versions of the software. One is the free version and the other is Pro Version which costs $79 to download. With the free version, you are limited to certain features such as having to work on Stock pair. This includes having just one binary options broker, 3 trading indicators, two maximum simultaneous trades, five minute trades, and adhering to a minimum amount per trade.


With the Pro version, you will have access to more features. This includes three binary options brokers, 6 trading indicators, 7 simultaneous trades, 8 currency pairs, higher minimum trade amounts, and varying intervals. With both versions, you will be able to utilize three trading systems – the Classic, Martingale, and Fibonacci.

With the Classic system, you will be assured that you will trade the exact same amount regardless of whether you win or not. The Martingale system will increase your trade amount after a loss and then reset it back to the original sum if you win. The Fibonacci system works in the opposite way of the Martingale system.

This software has proven to be easy to download and quite user friendly. While the system may not always live up to its promise about an 83 percent win rate, the win rate is still quite impressive. Typically, you can expect it to be around 70 percent.

Depositing and Withdrawing Money

As mentioned, is merely a medium in which to place auto trades with brokers. As such, there is no transaction involved between and the trader. Thus, when depositing money with a particular broker, you will have to heed the policies that the entity has in place. It is the same with withdrawing funds from your account.

Overall, if you have not had a great deal of luck with binary options trading, may be just the thing to help you. This auto trader has been conducting trades for a while now, to a great deal of success. You will similarly be able to replicate this success by using for some of your trades.

Accounts and Special Features

With, there are no accounts. This is because the auto trader merely acts as a medium through which trades are placed with a broker. This means that all traders, regardless of how much they choose to deposit, are being provided the same services. The only factor that changes is the corresponding profit that the traders are capable of receiving.


Unlike with brokers, does not specify how much money to deposit with them. This amount is entirely up to the trader. Nevertheless, in most instances, the traders must comply with the policies that have been set up with certain brokers.

For instance, if a particular broker has specified a minimum deposit then the trader must comply. Overall, however, the least amount of money required tends to be around $200 to $250. generally encourages traders to place between $500 and $1000, however.

It is incredibly easy to sign up with an account for All you have to do is fill out the form that is provided to you on the website. Joining is completely free. You will only have to deposit money to activate an account that you wish to hold with a selected broker.

binary options signals

Once you have signed up, you will be provided with a list of brokers that are associated with After making your choice, you will deposit the required amount. You will then be eligible to begin trading with the broker.

If you do not feel like using the software straight away, there is a demo version that you can practice on at first. It is essentially like using the real service. When you sign up for the demo version, you will be provided with $1000 in virtual money. The signals and the setting provided with the demo mode are exactly the same as with the real money version. In addition, you can continue using the demo version on the weekends, even when the markets are closed. If you are satisfied with the features, you can switch to the real money mode to being trading in actuality.

What Is Binary Options Auto Trading

In addition to the more traditional binary options trading, you can also engage in auto trading. This is when a trader uses software to place trades for them when certain factors are at play. The software is pre-programmed to set up trades when certain signals – that you have determined – come through. This auto trading promises an impressive margin of accuracy. OptionRobot is certainly one of the best robots on the market.


Option Robot Review: Trusted and User-Friendly Automated Trading Software

Option Robot is a reputable and user-friendly automated trading software that provides a reliable and efficient way for traders to engage in binary options trading.

With its high success rate of 83% and customizable settings Option Robot offers a competitive advantage in the market.

Traders can choose from three key trading systems and six technical indicators to maximize their earning potential.

Additionally Option Robot ensures the security of users’ funds through encryption measures and the integration of reputable brokers.

The software is easily accessible through a browser or smartphone eliminating the need for downloads.

With 24/7 customer support and access to real-time quotes and analytics Option Robot is an ideal choice for both experienced and novice traders looking to generate profits and simplify their trading process.

Skrill Binary Options Brokers

skrill-brokersSkrill is one of the established players in the digital wallet industry. Skrill came on the scene in 2001. It is a reputable payment system with widespread acceptance and domination of the online gaming, gambling, forex, and binary options trading industries.

The major plus points of the e-currency are its low transaction fees, provision to file disputes, and ease of making transactions. Skrill also has a branded debit MasterCard that a user can connect to his or her account for effortless on-the-go transactions and withdrawals from ATMs.

Skrill: About the Company

Moneybookers was the previous identity of Skrill. Rebranding to the catchier Skrill started in September 2011. Skrill Limited, a UK-based company with FSA Registration Number 900001, owns and operates the Skrill payment system.

Skrill currently has 700+ employees, offers its services to 36+ million customers, processes payments for 160,000+ merchants, and operates in 200 countries, including the U.S. The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority regulates and supervises the operations of Skrill.

Currently, the Paysafe Group is the parent company that owns Skrill, NETELLER, and Paysafecard (formerly Ukash, a UK-based electronic money system).

Top 3 Best Skrill Binary Options Brokers


Year Founded: 2008

Minimum Deposit: $250

Minimum Tradable Amount: $25

Payout Rate: 65% to 71%

Number of Assets: 200+ Assets

Banc de Binary

Year Founded: 2009

Minimum Deposit: $250

Minimum Tradable Amount: $1

Payout Rate: 60% to 91%

Number of Assets: 190+ Assets


Year Founded: 2010

Minimum Deposit: $250

Minimum Tradable Amount: $20

Payout Rate: 75% to 85%

Number of Assets: 110+ Assets

Best Skrill Binary Options Brokers that Accept U.S. Traders


Year Founded: 2010

Minimum Deposit: $250

Minimum Tradable Amount: $5

Payout Rate: Up to 80%

Number of Assets: 100+ Assets

The Ease of Using Skrill

To use Skrill for payments, you only need an email address and a password, both of which you could easily recall offhand. This is easier than having to enter 16 unique numbers, an expiry date, name, and CVV codes as you would with debit/credit cards.

After making withdrawals from your broker, you could use easily transfer your funds from your Skrill account to a credit card or bank account.

Deposits from and withdrawals to your Skrill account are instantaneous.

Skrill: Fees

Skrill has some of the lowest fees in the digital wallet industry. After opening your account, you can actually move money into your Skrill wallet from your Bank Account or using your Maestro card at no extra cost.

When you have funds in your Skrill account, you can then fund your Binary Options Broker easily, paying only 1% of the amount you are sending in fees. Skrill has a cap of $10 or £8.60 as the maximum amount of fees you could pay per transaction.

For example, if you deposit $250 in your newly created 24Option account using Skrill, you would pay a fee of only $2.5. However, if on a later date, you deposit $10,000 in your account, you would only have to pay a $10 fee, instead of $100 (1% of $10,000).

While sending money has a near-negligible fee attached, when you withdraw your earnings from your broker via Skrill, you pay zero fees. Receiving money on Skrill is FREE.

How to Deposit on a Skrill Binary Options Broker


  1. Choose your preferred Binary Options Broker that accepts Skrill
  2. Create and log in to your account with the Broker
  3. Navigate to the “Deposit” section
  4. Amongst the payment methods available, select Skrill, and input the amount you intend to deposit
  5. In the next page that loads, enter your Skrill username (email), password. Afterwards, click “deposit.” Wait for a success message that signifies your broker account has been successfully credited.

Skrill: Safety

The parent company of Skrill Limited is the Paysafe Group. Paysafe is a digital payments conglomerate that also operates the NETELLER payment system, operates out of the Isle of Man, and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Paysafe is a leading global provider of payment solutions with $613.5m in revenue in 2015 and $487m in revenue in the first half of 2016. Paysafe Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 250 Index.

Furthermore, Skrill offers high-end security standard—two factor authentication. This authentication increases the security of your account by enabling a physical token to generate unique codes whenever you log in to your Skrill account.

This way, even if a hacker has your email address and password (a scary prospect), he or she would be unable to enter your account still. The hacker would need access to your token, which he or she is unlikely to have since the token would physically be in your possession.

Alternatives To Skrill: Skrill Versus PayPal

The rivalry between Skrill and PayPal is strong. However, they mostly target different markets. PayPal is not very welcoming of merchants in the Binary Options, Forex, and Gaming markets.

However, Skrill is the antithesis, even offering exclusive deals from select merchants in these industries on their website.

In theory, Skrill and PayPal are mostly the same. They are digital wallets. You can upload money to and withdraw money from your account using cards or bank accounts. In addition, you can send money to and receive money from other users of the service.

You only need an email and password. Transactions are fast, secure, and safe.

Nonetheless, Skrill has select advantages over PayPal:

  • Fees for sending and receiving money on Skrill are lower than on PayPal
  • Skrill offers two-factor authentication for every user, regardless of nationality. PayPal offers this feature selectively to its users (users from some Eastern European countries do not have the feature).
  • Skrill supports 40 currencies. PayPal supports only 25 countries
  • Skrill supports more currencies on their branded debit card (USD, EUR, GBP, and PLN). PayPal supports only two currencies (USD and EUR).
  • Debit cards and complete service support is available for more countries on Skrill than on PayPal

Skrill Binary Options Brokers

Skrill a leading digital wallet and online payment system is widely accepted by binary options brokers.

This e-wallet offers fast money transfers a cryptocurrency wallet and even a prepaid debit card.

Skrill is available in 120 countries and supports a wide range of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

With different account levels and funding methods Skrill provides flexibility and convenience for traders.

It offers benefits such as free international bank transfers and a close-to-mid-market currency conversion rate.

However it is important to note that Skrill charges fees for certain transaction methods and withdrawals.

Despite the drawbacks Skrill remains a secure and reputable service with authentication codes and two-factor authentication making it a popular choice for binary options traders.

Binary Options Trading with 500USD

Do you only have $500 to spare? If you do have a tight budget to stick to, but you still want to make some extra money, binary options might just be the answer to your dilemma. You can start trading with only $500 and stand a chance to win a lot of money if you play your cards right and place your trades wisely. If you didn’t know already, binary options trading is a form of trading in which you predict whether the value of an asset, currency or commodity will rise or fall in a period of time that you set. This time can range from 30 seconds to a month.

If, at the end of this time, your prediction comes true, you win back your initial investment and a return of up to 95% at some brokers. Since it can cost as little as $1 to start a trade at a binary options broker, you could very well place 500 trades with the money that you already have. If you are ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, here are some great brokers that you can open accounts with for $500 or less!

1. AnyOption

AnyOption is a binary options broker based in Cyprus. It is licensed by the CySEC financial body, and has been in the business since 2008. The minimum deposit here is only $250, which is great for you. Each trade only costs a minimum of $25 to place as well. There are many different types of trades that can be placed on the AnyOption platform, along with a bunch of different account types as well. You can even get access to a range of educational material that will familiarize you with the platform and how to trade binary options properly!

2. Finpari

Finpari is one of the best rated binary options brokers out there. It was started in the year 2014, and is based in the UK. It makes use of the lovely SpotOption trading platform, which is one of the best for beginners. The minimum deposit amount at Finpari is only $250, which makes it perfect for you to start trading with. Each trade will cost you a minimum of $1 to place, and you can change your currency as you please too. You get up to 20% as a welcome bonus, and access to educational training courses and videos.

3. Stockpair

Stockpair is a Cyprus based broker that has been in the game for 6 years now, since 2010. It makes use of its very own Stockpair trading platform, which is one of the best for new entrants to the binary trading scene. The minimum deposit here is just $250, and each trade will only cost you a minimum of $20 to place. It is licensed by the reputed CySEC licensing authority in Cyprus. This makes it unable to accept traders from the US, but this is a small tradeoff for high security. You can enjoy returns of up to 85% when you invest in binary trades with this broker.

Of course, $500 is enough to open a level 2 account with some brokers. The most reputed out there are those licensed by bodies like CySEC. Make sure you check out the reviews, both by professionals and by other traders, of different brokers to make sure that your choice isn’t a scam. The money you have right now is more than enough to start trading. The industry average minimum deposit is a low $250, which means that you have double that already. Make sure you take advantage of bonuses when and if you can too!

How to Make Consistent Profits with Binary Options Trading

If you want to consistently profit in binary options trading there are a few strategies and techniques you can implement.

First it is recommended to use a demo account to practice and familiarize yourself with the platform and different types of trades.

Additionally adding indicators such as RSI and MACD can help you spot signals and make more informed predictions.

To maximize profits set the candle time period to 15 seconds and the expiration time to 2 minutes.

Press “HIGHER” when you see a certain signal and “LOWER” when you see another signal.

Implement proper money management and risk reduction techniques to protect your investment.

With discipline and the right approach it is possible to potentially make $500/day in binary options trading.

VantageFX Review

Rating: rating
Vantage FX is one of the few regulated binary options brokers that still accepts Australian traders in addition to all other traders (except US).

  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Maximum Payout: 200%
  • Accepts US Traders: No
Promo: Welcome Bonus » Sign up now

Vantage FX Binary Options Broker Review:

The Vantage FX binary options broker is an all-in-one broker. Although it largely deals with Forex trades, the platform also does have a component that focuses on binary options trading.

This broker is based in Australia and deals with traders from numerous countries. Nonetheless, Vantage FX does not conduct trades with traders from the United States. The broker was first established in 2009. Although it was associated largely with the Forex market in the beginning, the broker soon began to gain ground in the binary options market.

Broker Name Vantage FX
Location Vantage Global Prime Pty Ltd – Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Regulation ASIC
Minimum Deposit $100 for all traders
Minimum Trade $10
Depositor Bonus Welcome Bonus
Maximum Payout 200%
Free Demo Account Yes

Here is an in-depth look at how Vantage FX operates in regards to binary options trading:

Account Types and Special Features

At Vantage FX, you can choose between setting up two different accounts. Each of these will give you access to the binary options trading platform. This, however, is not all that is included. You will also be given access to other features including the Forex market.

  • The most basic account is the Standard STP Trading Account. In order to have access to this account, you simply have to deposit a minimum of $100 when signing up. With this account, you will be provided with an entry to a platform consisting of over 112 markets. You will be able to engage in social trading and one click trading. With this account, you will not be charged a commission for any of the money trades that you may place.
  • The second type of account is the Raw ECN Trading Account. This account is typically better suited to traders who wish to take part in high volume trades. In order to get access to this account, you will have to pay a minimum of $500. Here, you will have many of the same features as the STP account including access to the same markets. However, the execution type here will be ECN instead of STP. You will also be able to take part in one click trading and social trading. As long as you stick with just binary options trading, you will not face any trading costs.

Depending on which account you are interested in, you will have the option of trying out the demo version first. This way, you will be able to determine if the account is truly something that caters to your needs as a trader. If you are not satisfied, you can discontinue with the demo account. If you like the trading platform, however, you can simply switch to an actual account.

There is also a separate demo platform for those who would like to get the binary options portion of the platform. Here, you will simply have to sign up for the demo instead of registering. In addition, you will also be provided with $20,000 in virtual money to use in your demo account.

Licensing and Security Features of Vantage FX

Vantage FX is licensed by the Australian government. The broker also has many official affiliates. Vantage FX carries a license that has been issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. All traders’ funds are held in accounts at the National Australia Bank to ensure that your money is secure.

Furthermore, this also ensures that your money is separate from the personal funds held by Vantage FX. Finally, the broker also has an insurance policy from SJ Catlin and Lloyds of London.

The Vantage FX Platform

Vantage FX offers a binary options trading platform that will appear familiar to seasoned traders. This trading platform is incredibly user friendly, allowing traders to quickly and efficiently place trades at just a moment’s notice. The information is also up to date, constantly providing traders with the information that they require. The trading options include High/Low, Boundary, One Touch, and Short Term Binary Options.

You can also make use of the Metatrader 4 trading platform which is more commonly referred to as MT4. Here, you will be able to access the binary options platform as well as utilize many of the other features offered by this broker.

Withdrawals and Deposits

With Vantage FX, you will be able to deposit and withdraw your funds through many different methods. For instance, you can choose to do this in more traditional ways such as credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. You can also use online payment methods such as Neteller, BPAY, POLi, and Skrill. You may also opt for a broker to broker transfer of money.

The minimum deposit on Vantage FX is only $100. The minimum trade is $10. The maximum return is up to 200%.

You should note that Vantage FX will not charge you any fees for either withdrawing or depositing money. However, you may be charged by the third parties that you are using. In this instance, you will be responsible for the payment.

Vantage FX is not wholly focused on binary options trading. Nonetheless, they do provide some considerable services in that regard. They also provide traders access to many different assets and markets. Perhaps one of the most important things, however, is that this broker is well certified and affiliated with many important and authorized entities.


VantageFX Review: Account Types Special Features and Licensing

VantageFX offers two different account types for traders interested in binary options trading.

The Standard STP Trading Account requires a minimum deposit of $100 and provides access to over 112 markets social trading and one-click trading.

No commission is charged for trades placed with this account.

On the other hand the Raw ECN Trading Account requires a minimum deposit of $500 and is more suited for high volume trades.

Traders with this account also have access to the same markets as the STP account with the execution type being ECN.

VantageFX is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and holds traders’ funds in accounts at the National Australia Bank for maximum security and protection.

The broker website offers a user-friendly binary options trading platform as well as the option to utilize the Metatrader 4 platform for additional features.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made through various methods including credit cards debit cards bank transfers and online payment methods like Neteller and Skrill.

VantageFX does not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals but third-party fees may apply.

Overall VantageFX provides a range of services and is certified by authorized entities making it a reputable choice for binary options trading.

Trading Stocks with Little Money

strategySo you’re interested in finding out how to start trading stocks with little money in the present day. Well, that’s completely doable, if you want to and you are open to new, better methods of trading.

Binary options is a method of investing in stocks and other assets without having to run a lot of risk. There are many different risks and disadvantages of trading stocks as an individual, but binary options are the best way to avoid most of this risk while still making as much money, if not more, from the trades that you make.

High Returns for Your Investment

The stock market is historically the best way to get a good return on your investments. You can get as much as 9.9% returns if you play your cards right for stocks. For bonds, the average return is about 6%. This might seem really high to you, but you have to understand that you will only see profits in the long term. It isn’t a quick way to earn some money on the side.

You have to go through a lot of hoops to actually increase your returns. On the other hand, binary options are far better in terms of return on investment. The typical return for a successful binary trade can go all the way up to 95%, if not more. This rate depends on the broker you work with, of course. This means that even if you start trading with just $100, getting your trades right will help you nearly double that!

Less Complicated, Easier to Learn

As a beginner, the biggest fear is too complex of a process being involved in your investments. With stock markets, you have to worry about equity, taxes, ownership stakes, market fluctuations and the volatility of the economy. As an investor in binary options, you don’t have a lot to worry about. It is one of the simplest ways to trade. If you start off with a little money, you can easily learn how to manage and increase your profits in no time at all. You place an investment on a trade and predict whether the asset will increase or decrease in value over a set amount of time. If you guess it right, you win. If it was wrong, you don’t lose more than the amount you invested in the first place.

Lower Starting Costs Required

One of the biggest problems facing you when you invest in the traditional stock market is the cost of your investments. This starts off with the capital you need to get into certain industries. Depending on the industry, you might be blocked off because of your budget, which prevents you from diversifying your portfolio enough.

In direct contrast to this, binary options require a starting cost of as little as $10 in some brokers. Gold trading on the traditional market would need a capital of tens of thousands of dollars. In binary trading, you would need the same amount of money for any of the assets you invest in. This provides a huge number of advantages for you. If you are starting off with little money, all you need to do is open an account with one of the less costly brokers online and start trading!

There are many more advantages to using binary options when you want to start trading stocks with little money. From the high returns on your investments to the countless bonuses offered by brokers, all the way down to the low starting capital that you need, binary options are definitely the way to step into the modern age while on a budget.

Australian Binary Options Brokers

australian binary options brokers

Which is the best binary options broker in Australia? This is probably you’re #1 question, and that’s how you’ve found this page.

Binary options trading offers people the opportunity to take part in trading that is both easy to understand and execute. We will show you which are the top rated Australian binary brokers.

How To Get Started With Binary Options?

Most individuals find it a great deal easier to access the markets through binary options. Of course, if you are planning on being successful in this venture, you are going to need the right binary options broker. The broker that you choose is a contributing factor for various elements including success rate and profit. If you are from Australia, then it’s a good idea to pick an Australian broker.

As such, you need to spend a great deal of time considering your options. To make this easier for you, this article lists the three best options for traders living in Australia.

Best Binary Options Brokers For Australians

Here are some of the best options that you have:

HighLow Binary Options Broker

highlowThere aren’t many binary options brokers that are actually based in Australia. However HighLow is one of these. This broker has been active since 2014. The site is owned by RCTM, an Australian company.You can read our full Highlow review.

One of the things that sets HighLow apart from the rest of the competition is that it is a licensed entity. This is quite a rare occurrence among binary options brokers. HighLow is a holder of an Australian Financial Services License.

Apart from this, there are many advantages to using HighLow. To begin with, they require a minimum deposit of just $10 to get started. The minimum amount that you can invest with is also of the same amount. This means that nearly anyone can get started with HighLow.

They are also known for having an extremely user friendly platform – MarketsPulse. Even better, they offer a demo account that you do not even need to sign up for. You can get a taste of what this broker offers with ease. HighLow deals mainly with Australian dollars and US dollars. There is also a mobile option available for traders. All in all, HighLow provides traders with a quality service at very reasonable rates. They are also a certified and regulated entity.


Finpari Binary Options Broker

finpariIf you are looking for one of the more respected binary options brokers around, Finpari is a name that will definitely crop up. This broker was established in 2014 and has been accumulating numerous traders since then. Although it is not legalized, this broker has nevertheless built up a reputation for being credible. Furthermore, Finpari caters to traders all around the world, including Australia.

This broker requires a slightly higher deposit minimum than most. To be able to have access to the most basic account, you will have to deposit at least $250. However, you are able to invest just $1 in certain types of trades if you want. The max returns are quoted at 90 percent.

You also have the opportunity to use their demo account and be enrolled in a trading course. Finpari uses SpotOption, which is known for being user-friendly and easy to navigate. This option is also available in a mobile format. The broker also offers an impressive number of assets to choose from to trade with.

One of the features that Finpari has become well known for is that in most instances, they process withdrawals in about an hour. They also offer many payment and withdrawal methods for their traders.


BinaryMate Binary Options Broker

binarymateBinaryMate is a broker that is relatively new to the industry. It was only established in 2016. Nonetheless, it has already proven that it can stand alongside the best. The broker is situated in the United Kingdom but offers services to traders across the globe, including Australia. Although it is unlicensed, BinaryMate holds itself to some of the highest global financial standards.

To be able to register for an account with BinaryMate, you will need to make a minimum deposit of $250. This will give you access to the most basic account available. However, you are given a 100 percent bonus in return. You will be required to make a minimum investment of just $1 for trades. You will be able to experience max returns of about 90 percent. BinaryMate is quite unique in its trading platform.

Rather than opt for a software created by someone else, the broker has created and implemented its own. One of the key features of this broker includes the many teaching tools that they have available. This makes it well suited for novice traders. They also provide excellent customer service with the help of a live video chat tool. All in all, this is another excellent broker to opt for.


Around the world, individuals both experienced and inexperienced are becoming more aware of binary options trading. This situation is no different in Australia.

If you are a trader in Australia, these are some of the best choices available to you. By utilizing any of these brokers, you will have a great level of success with your binary options trading. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of many of the features offered by these brokers.

Australian Binary Options Brokers and Regulations

Australia is becoming an expanding population in the binary options trading public and as such it is important for Australian traders to have access to reputable and regulated binary options brokers.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is the Australian regulator responsible for overseeing the financial markets and ensuring the safety and legality of investment products offered to Australian traders.

ASIC requires offshore binary brokers to obtain an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) and have a physical office in Australia.

This ensures that these brokers adhere to Australian regulations and provide a safe and secure trading environment for Australian traders.

ASIC has also signed agreements with regulators in Cyprus and Japan to stop cross-border advertising of binary options further safeguarding Australian traders.

Australian traders can check the regulated status of a broker by searching the Professional Register on the ASIC website.

It is advised not to trade with unlicensed brokers as they may not have the necessary regulations in place to protect traders.

Additionally ASIC provides information and resources through the MoneySmart website to educate the public about binary options and help traders make informed decisions.

In terms of deposit and withdrawal options Australian traders have access to various methods including credit/debit cards bank wires and digital wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

However it is important to note that while digital wallets are accepted PayPal has limited availability for binary options trading in Australia.

When selecting a binary options broker Australian traders should consider factors such as user-friendly interfaces high returns on investments regulated platforms support for various assets and options for trading on desktop web and mobile platforms.

It is also beneficial to choose brokers that offer additional features like risk management tools social trading customizable trading platforms and options for demo accounts.

In conclusion Australian traders have a range of regulated binary options brokers to choose from offering a safe and secure trading environment.

By selecting a reputable broker and following the regulations set by ASIC Australian traders can trade binary

Canadian Binary Options Brokers

If you are from Canada and you are looking for the best Canadian binary options brokers, then this page is for you. Binary options trading is something that many traders across the world are taking a closer look at. There are several reasons that individuals are begin to consider this form of trading over others. For instance, it is a lot easier and cheaper to get started with binary options trading.

In most instances, it does not require a great deal of startup funds. You also do not need to be a seasoned trader to be able to begin taking in a profit. With a little bit of understanding, research, and good timing, most individuals are able to take advantage of this type of trading. For those in Canada, this is a very real opportunity as well.

Top 3 Canadian Binary Options Brokers

If you are planning on taking part in binary options trading, here are a few brokers that you should consider:

Opteck Binary Options Broker

opteckThere are many advantages to using Opteck as your preferred broker. First off, it is regulated by the CySEC, making it a reliable entity to be involved with. Second, as a trader, you will have access to more than 100 assets. The broker also hints at 85 percent max returns on trades.

Furthermore, when you first join the broker, you are entitled to up to a 100 percent bonus. Opteck is responsible for creating its specially tailored trading software that is incredibly user friendly. This fact is only compounded by the availability of both a mobile version as well as a demo account.

Porter Finance Binary Options Broker

porterfinanceEstablished in 2014, Porter Finance has quickly built itself up to be one of the best binary options brokers in the world. This broker accepts traders from most countries in the world, with the exception of Turkey. With this broker, you are able to have access to the Panda Trading Systems trading platform.

To get started with Porter Finance, you will require a deposit of at least $200. This is accompanied by a bonus. The broker also offers 81 percent payouts on Euro binary options. Traders who use Porter Finance have access to over a hundred assets.

Banc de Binary Binary Options Broker

bancdebinaryBanc de Binary was first launched in 2009 and today is known as one of the leading brokers around the world. This is largely due to the fact that it is one of the few licensed binary options brokers around. The broker utilizes the SpotOption trading software.

To setup an account with Banc de Binary, traders are expected to deposit an amount no smaller than $250. This is followed by up to a 100 percent bonus as well as the possibility of 90 percent max returns. This broker is credited and offers numerous assets to its traders.

Other Binary Options Brokers Canada

StockPair Binary Options Broker

stockpairStockPair has enjoyed a great deal of success since it was established in 2010. It is regulated by one of the leading authorities CySEC. It uses its own StockPair platform software. This broker offers considerable payout rates of about 85 percent. In addition, traders have access to multiple learning tools provided by StockPair.

The broker also offers excellent bonuses and customer support. By being involved with this broker, traders will have access to a dazzling 150 assets. This includes commodities, stocks, indices, and currencies. All of this is compounded by the high level of credibility and assurance offered by StockPair.

Boss Capital Binary Options Broker

bosscapitalThe true benefit of Boss Capital is that you are required to make a minimum deposit of just $200. At the same time, this puts you, the trader, in a position to receive 85 percent max returns. All of the trading takes place on the noteworthy SpotOption trading platform.

This makes it easier for traders to place their trades. You also have the option of trading with at least 200 different assets. Furthermore, this broker offers excellent customer service throughout the day and week.

TradeRush Binary Options Broker

traderushTradeRush has also garnered itself quite a reputation, particularly in North America. This broker offers traders the opportunity to place trades with Forex, commodities, stocks, and indices. To be able to begin trading with this broker, you will have to place a minimum deposit of $200. This can bring you up to 100 percent in bonuses.

TradeRush also offers an impressive payout at 81 percent. It is the credibility as well as the efficiency, however, that make this broker stand out. In addition, it also offers traders an appealing and easy to use trading platform.

Titan Trade Binary Options Broker

titantradeTitan Trade is relatively new on the block. Based in the United Kingdom, this is a great choice for a broker for most traders. You will only have to make a minimum deposit of $250 but have the opportunity for 85 percent returns on 60 second trades. You may also be eligible to collect up to a 100 percent bonus for registering for an account.

In addition to an easy to use trading platform, this broker also offers superior customer service to traders.

Cherry Trade Binary Options Broker

cherrytradeIt is difficult to choose just one highlight for this broker. First, there is an incredibly low minimum investment. To get started, you can trade with as little as $10. At the same time you are treated to max returns of 85 percent. All of the trading can be carried out on a platform that is easy to navigate and use.

Perhaps the most important feature of Cherry Trade is that you are eligible for up to 5 risk free trades. This means that you have the ability to retain your money even if you make a bad trade.

If you are in Canada and wish to begin binary options trading, these are the best of the best brokers. Using any one of these will ensure that you will get the proper start that you require to be successful.


How to Trade Gold Online

The market for gold is one of the most liquid out there. It offers a ton of opportunities for you to profit, no matter what the state of the market is like. If you want to learn how to trade gold online, there is also a plethora of guides to help you do this. Some people choose to actually buy the metal in its physical form and own it as a nest egg for the future.

However, using gold trading on the stock market (GDL or GDX) to speculate about the future, equity and more allows you to gain leverage with minimized risk.

The value of gold isn’t a very stable one, as it fluctuates quite often. This can make trading quite difficult because there are many pitfalls that can cause a large loss in profits. The global markets in gold have a ton of different unique traits that can be utilized to your advantage, but it takes a lot of effort to actually learn this, and to keep up with the fluctuations in order to decide when to sell and when to buy stocks in the gold market.

One of the main reasons why people simply don’t trade in gold is the price. In order to invest in the gold market, a huge investment needs to be made. This can be tens of thousands of dollars. This opens up the gate to a large amount of risk as well. The smallest bad call could lead to massive losses that drain you financially and leave you broke.

Cheaper, Safer Alternative to Traditional GLD Trading

If you don’t want to take this type of risk, or if you simply want to be able to invest in the gold market without spending that much money, binary options is perfect for you. Binary options brokers usually offer the chance to trade in gold as a commodity. It is one of the trending assets for trades of any size because it is volatile and because it doesn’t get affected by most market factors that can impact the value of other assets. This makes it one of the safest to trade in, and is perfect for times when the economic stability of the world is in question as well.

The big difference in gold as a commodity in binary options is the cost. It can cust upwards of $10000 to trade in the metal in the traditional way, but with binary options this is cut down to hundreds of dollars instead. The margin for losses is also reduced significantly, making it far easier to deal with a single loss, learn from mistakes made and try again.

High Rate of Return and More Control

When trading in gold binary options, you gain a lot of control over just how much money you can win and lose. A return of up to 85% is offered by most brokers for wins. There are many ways in which the metal can be traded as well.

One of the most popular is the Touch/No Touch trade type. Typically, a traditional binary option trade would involve predicting that the value of the option would hit a certain upper or lower limit in a set amount of time. With this trade type, the value doesn’t have to touch the threshold. As long as the strike price and the direction of the value of the asset are correct, the win is granted to you.

While it is definitely true that gold is a volatile commodity, it is also one that can used very easily in the world of binary trades to your advantage. Make sure you get on a binary options broker and use it to earn some great profits!

Calculate Winning Percentage

In this article I will show you the win rate percentage required to break-even in binary options trading. You will learn how to calculate a winning percentage and you will learn about notions like: profit margin ratio formula, break even margin and breakeven ratio.

Calculating the winning percentage and breakeven rate isn’t as hard as it sounds but you have to understand a few aspects first.

How To Calculate The Winning Percentage

Due to the nature of binary options trading (high low binary options), you will usually have a payout percentage of under 100% for all your trades.

HighLow binary options trading is the type where you have to predict, whether the price of an asset will go up or down. This is the most popular type of binary options trading.

How can I figure out win percentage in binary options trading?

Lets take the most popular currency pair EUR/USD. You take this asset and invest $10. The payout is 83% and you think that the price will go up.

If the price goes up then you will get $10 back + 83% = $18.3 TOTAL.

If the prices goes down then you lose $10.


As you see there is a difference of 17%. If you win you get $8.3, otherwise you lose $10. This means that, if you win once and lose once you will end up losing money in the long term. You will need a bigger win percentage than 50.1% to make profitable trades.

To calculate the break-even ratio and winning ratio you will have to calculate the following:

If you win you get 83%
Otherwise you lose 100%
Difference = 17% (this means with only 50% success rate)

How to calculate the breakeven percentage: 100% / 183% (100 + 83) = 55%.

Winning trades: 55 * 10 (money you invest per trade) * 83% (payout) = $456.5
Losing trades: 45 * 10 = $450

This means that you will have to win 56 trades from 100 to make a profit ($6.5). A trader with 50% win rate will actually lose money on the long run.

Also read:

In order to make money with trades that have a 83% payout you will need to win 55% of your trades. If you manage to win lets say 65% of the time then you will have the following profit margin: 10%. After 65 trades of $10 you will make.

65 * $10 * 83% = 539.5

How Comes There Are Payouts of 100% And More?

Sometimes the brokers offer trades with 100%-200% payout. The reason is that these outcomes are very unlikely to happen. You will have a very low chance with these types of trades.

Now that you have the winning formula, you can easily calculate it for yourself what winning percentage you need in order to make money with binary option trading. By doing so, not only will you be able to see the numbers clearly, but you will also be able to create a winning strategy.

If you want to try out binary options trading we recommend you try out IQOption. They offer free demo accounts and the minimum deposit is only $10. This broker is CYSEC regulated and it is one of the most trusted binary options brokers at the moment. Read the review here.

HighLow Minimum Deposit

This page will give you an answer to the question: How much is the minimum deposit on HighLow? Can I make a low deposit or is there a bigger minimum deposit amount?

HighLow Review

HighLow is a broker that has made a name for being an industry leader. It has been around since the year 2014 and is highly recommended by users and traders for its integrity and the stability of the trading platform. Signing up for an account is easy enough, and there is a demo account available for beginner traders as well.

From the profitable trading assets to the bonus features available, this HighLow review takes a look at the broker and determines how useful it is for traders.

HighLow Has A Low Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit on HighLow Binary Options Broker is only $50. Australian traders have an even lower amount of $10, if they decide to deposit via bank wire using Australian dollars (AUD). Here are some of the information you need to know before signing up:

Broker Name HighLow
Location Macquarie House 167, Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Regulation ASIC
HighLow Minimum Deposit $50 or $10 for Australians
Minimum Trade $10
Depositor Bonus $50 Cashback
Maximum Payout 200%
Free Demo Account Yes

Special Features and Bonuses

There are many special features available to traders who use this platform for their binary options trading. The default currency is AUD but it can be swapped out for another. There are promotional services and offers at all times, such as a $50 cash back to the trading account when a new trader does their first trade, regardless of the outcome.

There are also some advanced options available, with a chance to earn a 100% bonus when using normal trading options and as much as 200% extra for the advanced demand options. Traders are able to control their expiry period and the spread of the asset after making a trade.

A demo account is also available for new traders who want to get some practice and get their confidence up before trading. The demo is identical to the actual trading platform, and has all of the features of the normal platform available to the trader. No money needs to be deposited to use the demo account, and the website can be tested before being used for real trades. There is no expiry time for the account, so it can be used later to brush up your skills.

To place a real trade, an option needs to be selected. The expiry time and the investment amount are both set by the trader, and the direction for the option can also be called. Clicking on the Invest button causes the trade to begin.

Trading Platform Review

The HighLow website is completely professional and has a lot of visual appeal as well. This makes it feel a lot more trustworthy for traders. Always look for professionalism in the design of the web platform. It shows that the broker has put in a lot of effort for their site to look good.

Current trades are displayed with a dynamic motion so traders can actively track the progress of each trade from start to finish. The different investment options are listed as tabs, along with the expiry timer controls on the second row. If you need more information you can always check out the Highlow Review.

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Returns on the platform the broker uses has shown that traders get up to 90% in returns on their investment while using the high/low option for investing. The minimum investment amount is only AUD $10. The platform is very welcoming to fast trades with expiry times from 1 to 5 minutes.

There is also a Spread High/Low trading option on the platform for traders who want to work with Forex trading. This is riskier for new traders but does produce better returns in a shorter time. Spread on demand options are available as well, letting traders achieve up to 100% in return on their investment.

Withdrawals and Deposits

Deposits are handled through the eWallet provider Neteller. A minimum deposit of $50 is needed to open an account here. Bank Wire options are also available for deposits, although it takes longer and costs $10 to go through. Withdrawals happen through Neteller as well as credit cards and bank transfers. There is a withdrawal fee of 2% charged to all traders. Payments are processed within 1-3 business days.


How To Be A Day Trader

More and more day traders have started trading binary options. There are several advantages:

Commission rates can be much lower for you. If you are interested in joining us, simply enter your information on our sign up form. We will contact you with more information on joining the group and opening an account. We have a dedicated customer service and administrative team to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Our group wants to grow members as professional day traders. We want you to become a full time trader with our group, which builds a mutual interest in having you become as profitable as possible.

There is even a daily chat to discuss the day’s trading action. All that is asked is that a trader bring a motivated attitude, and is ready to learn and push themselves hard to succeed.

Visit Join Our Team for more information on all the advantages we can offer you.

The most exciting addition to our offerings has been access to binary options accounts, and demo accounts. Binary options are options contracts that expire with two possible outcomes. Either they are “in the money” which corresponds to a winning trade, or they expire without any value. The amount each option pays out is pre-determined by the brokerage. Each payout is clearly labelled and usually pays out in the range of 70%-90% in excess of the amount the trader purchased it for. If the trade is a winning trade it does not matter how far in the money the trade is, the option contract will pay out the same amount regardless. Even if the trade ends up positive by 1 penny, the contract will pay out the pre-determined amount.

How To Get Started With Day Trading

Being a day trader is an enticing career choice for many people. It offers the freedom to work from nearly any location in the world with an internet connection, a freedom for traders to virtually make their own hours, and of course the earnings potential from day trading is almost trading

Many traders appreciate how day trading allowed them to break free from a traditional corporate job. Being successful as a day trader does require hard work and growth, but the benefits can be exceptional.

Trading allows someone a career where they are rewarded (substantially) for their hard work. There is a direct correlation between one’s effort invested, and the income generated from that effort. Many people find this an extremely appealing aspect of the profession. Pay is directly correlated with performance. In trading all of the rewards are monetary, and you alone determine how big your reward is.

At How We Trade, we offer a solution for novice and professional traders alike. We have an elite professional trading group and we are offering traders the opportunity to join our group.

The team’s mentors trade proven strategies designed by the group. Public strategies rarely make money over time. There are too many people aware of them and too many smart institutional traders ready to take advantage of all this “dumb volume”. We have our own strategies, so you know you won’t be with the rest of the retail traders getting eaten alive by sharks.

We teach the same strategies we trade with. We can teach you how to “fish for yourself” by giving you the knowledge and tools to even advance your own strategies.

If you are a trader, or prospective trader who thinks they have what it takes to grow profits as part of our team, or if you prefer your own trading methods as an individual but want access to the resources we offer, enter your information in our sign up form and we will contact you shortly with more information on the opportunity of trading with us. Our dedicated customer service team is there to answer any questions you have and to make everything go smoothly with registration.

If you are an experienced, professional trader looking to improve your trade execution, lower your transaction costs and take advantage of all we have to offer, contact us as well.

We are here to help you be the most successful day trader you can be. Join our organization as a day trader and trade professionally with a group of experienced traders. We can help you you get licensed with a Series 56, open a binary options brokerage account, or a proprietary trading account, and teach you the trading strategies we use to consistently profit from the markets. We will help you become the most profitable trader you can be, and we can help you get there faster and easier with our professional experience. Why waste time, money, and frustration on your own when you can join and benefit from a group of professional traders today.

We also provide a large resource of information to enrich your understanding of the markets and day trading, which will be beneficial in your trading.

How to Trade Stocks Online

Are you interested in learning how to trade stocks online and make some good money? The stock market is a system that is based on supply and demand, just like any business. People buy stock and hope that the company you bought stock in becomes more popular and in demand over time, so that you can increase the price at which you sell that stock to other traders, thereby making a profit.

If you have been reading up on stocks, you probably know that the price of a share theoretically increases with the value of the company and how it improves over time. However, there are many other reasons for share prices to change, and not all of them are known or fixed.

There is a lot to do in the complex art of trading stocks. You need to do your research and pick the right stock to invest in. You also have to get used to recognizing patterns in share prices. It is also necessary to invest in an online trading service to trade your stocks on the internet. Before engaging in anything, you also need to practice advanced skills, hone your instincts and educate yourself.

Better Alternatives to Trading Stocks

Stocks aren’t the only way for you to earn money by making trades, though. The risks of the stock market are many, and the return to your hand isn’t as much as it should be considering the risk and effort you’re putting into the industry. There are alternatives to the classic method of trading stocks.

One of the best out there is called binary options trading. This doesn’t have to replace your interest in the stock market, but can be used as a way to diversify your investment portfolio over time.

Binary options trading involves trading with stocks, currencies, indices and other assets, but in a simpler, different way to traditional stock trading. The first step is to open an account at a binary options broker. These are platforms and companies dedicated to enabling traders to trade better, wiser and with more benefits. There is a plethora of these companies out there, and they are available based on financial regulations in the area that you will be trading from.

How Does Binary Trading Work?

A binary options trading (you can see the best brokers here) is a trade that is made by taking a company, a division of a company, a currency pair or any other asset and predicting whether, in a set amount of time, its value will increase or decrease. In a way, this is very similar to the way traders work with normal stocks and shares. However, the difference lies in how the money works out. As a trader, you “bet” a certain amount of money on your prediction coming true.

This means that you place an investment of, for example, $5 on the assumption that the value of Apple, Inc. stock will rise to a certain threshold in the next hour. After an hour has passed, if the value of the company has actually risen to this threshold, the option has finished in the money. Your investment is returned to you, along with a nice profit for winning the trade. If the value doesn’t hit the threshold, you are out of the money.

Typically, this would mean that you lose the $5 that you invested. However, some brokers offer a small return of about 5 – 15% of your initial investment even when you lose a trade.

There are actually many different types of trades that you can make, not just for stocks either. The traditional way of trading binary options is just one of many. Trading stocks online is pretty great, but binary options trading might just be the simple alternative we have all been looking for!

The Benefits of Binary Options Trading

If you’re interested in an alternative to traditional stock trading binary options trading may be worth considering.

Binary options trading allows you to diversify your investment portfolio and potentially earn money by trading stocks currencies indices and other assets in a simpler and different way.

To get started you’ll need to open an account with a binary options broker which offers platforms and services to help traders make informed decisions.

Binary options trading involves predicting whether the value of a particular asset will increase or decrease within a set timeframe.

You can place an investment on this prediction and if it turns out to be correct you’ll earn a profit.

Even if your prediction is incorrect some brokers offer a small return on your initial investment.

With binary options trading you have the opportunity to trade various types of assets not just stocks.

This simplicity and versatility make binary options trading an appealing alternative to traditional stock trading.

PorterFinance Review

Rating: rating
PorterFinance stopped accepting US traders. They have a minimum deposit of $200.

  • Minimum Deposit: $200
  • Maximum Payout: 83%
  • Accepts US Traders: No
Promo: First Depositor Bonus » Sign up now

Broker Review

Porter Finance is a binary options broker that has been around for some years now. In operation since the year 2014, it is owned by Running Forest Partners, and is based in London. The founders of this broker are pioneers in the field. It has made quite a reputation for reliability, integrity and fast payouts.

Update: Many traders are complaining about this broker. We don’t recommend it anymore

Most of the traders who have spoken out about this site have nothing but good to say about it. This review delves deeper into the broker to see if it is really worth creating an account on and trading with.

Special Features, Bonuses and Account Types

There are five types of accounts that are available for creation with Porter Finance. Each one is in a separate tier to the last, and the type of account that is opened depends on how much you deposit initially. A free demo account is also available to traders. This isn’t something you typically see at a binary options broker. It can be very useful for people who need some help with getting used to strategies and working on their trading game before venturing out into the real world. The five types of accounts are:

The beginner account, which asks for $500 to be deposited. A 30% welcome bonus is granted to traders along with a free trading ebook as well as a welcome guide by a manager. Traders are also able to access weekly market reviews compiled by expert traders. The Standard account on the other hand asks for at least $1000 to be deposited. A 40% welcome bonus is available to traders who open this account. Both daily and weekly market analytics can be accessed as well as tours by the manager. Access is also granted for a masterclass in trading strategies.

The Gold account is the next tier of account types at Porter Finance. This one requires $5000 or more to be deposited. A 75% bonus is available to traders along with classes at the trading academy, which gives you a VIP membership. Money management training is also given, along with reviews of the market and 5 risk free trades.

For a $10000 deposit, the platinum account is opened. This one provides a 100% bonus as a welcome and all the perks of the other accounts. In addition to this, traders get lessons for six advanced trading strategies and 10 risk free trades.

The final account type is the VIP account. This requires a deposit of $100,000 to be opened. All the perks are shrouded in secrecy and can only be revealed by an account manager. All the bonuses from the other tiers of accounts are guaranteed, along with other exclusive benefits.

Security, Licensing and Reliability

The broker isn’t currently licensed by any bodies or regulatory authorities, but they have stated that this licensing is on the way. An application has been submitted to the relevant entity. Until then, traders can rest assured that their data is being protected. Upon checking out their security features, we discovered that there is 128bit SSL encryption applied to the entire site, including all transaction pages. All your information is encrypted with the best protocols that technology has to offer.

Trading Platform Review

While the Porter Finance trading platform used to be built by SpotOption, those days are over. SpotOption is still one of the best trading platforms out there, of course. However, Porter Finance appears to have decided that the Panda TS platform is more suitable for its policies. The decision doesn’t seem to be a wrong one, as the platform is absolutely stunning. It is easy to learn, simple to use, and doesn’t require any download at all. In addition to this, the entire platform is available as a very responsive mobile application as well for traders who are always on the move.

This Panda platform has over 200 assets for traders to play with, and there is no steep learning curve for beginners. Anyone can trade, especially after using the demo to practice. There are six types of trading tools available to traders including normal binary options, pairs, long term options, second, ladder and one touch trades.

Payouts and Withdrawals

Porter Finance uses all major credit and debit cards as well as checks, Skrill, Neteller and bank wire transfers to deposit and withdraw money. Transactions are quick and secure.

Overall, this is a broker that has been a pleasure to review. There aren’t many like it, and we recommend this one wholeheartedly to all traders out there.


Porterfinance Review: Security and Reliability Update

Porter Finance a binary options broker that operated from 2014 has gained a positive reputation for reliability integrity and fast payouts.

However it is important to note that the broker is not currently licensed by any regulatory authorities although they have stated that licensing is in progress.

Despite this Porter Finance has implemented robust security measures to ensure the protection of traders’ data.

The entire site is encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption including all transaction pages ensuring that all information is safeguarded using the best protocols available.

Traders can have peace of mind knowing that their personal and financial information is secure while using the platform.

With the Panda TS trading platform and a wide range of assets available Porter Finance continues to provide a user-friendly trading experience for traders of all levels.

MarketsWorld Review

Rating: rating
Marketsworld accepts US traders, is regulated and it has a very low minimum deposit (only $20). This broker offers free demo accounts as well.

  • Minimum Deposit: $20/£20/€20
  • Maximum Payout: 95%
  • Accepts US Traders: Yes
Promo: Free Demo Account » Sign up now

Broker Review

Markets World is a binary options broker that is owned and operated by MarketsTheWorld Ltd. The company is based on the Isle of Man with offices in the UK as well. The broker was founded in the year 2011, and since is has grown in the trading world. This broker is one of the few to offer a free demo account along with highly secure banking options.

The broker is licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

As many of the traders who work with the broker have been talking about how great the service is and how wonderful the options are, we couldn’t ignore the call. Our detailed review goes into the core of the broker and makes sure that it is one worth investing in.

Account Types, Special Features and Bonuses

There isn’t much in the way of promotions on offer directly by Markets World. However, it does seem like there are promotions over time for current traders. In addition to this, there is the option to get notified by email of any promotions that are coming soon.

There are also some really cool features that are included in the Markets World platform. One of these is the Free Trade. Every time you create an account on the site, you are awarded with a single Free Trade regardless of what your deposited amount was.

This is worth $50 and can be traded on any asset that you want to. If the trade works out profitably, you can go ahead and collect the reward from it. If you lose with that trade, you are refunded $50 to your account, so that you will win either way.

A welcome bonus is also available to users. If you deposit a certain amount of money into the account when signing up for the first time, you are given a 100% bonus for it. This means that you receive the amount your deposited all over again, up to a value of $300. This means that a trader can spend a lot more time trading and winning than having to worry about a lack of funding. This bonus is only available as a welcome for a new user, and can’t be triggered again.

Only one account type is available on Markets World. The broker has a total of $20 required as a minimum deposit to open an account. This is incredibly low when compared to most other brokers in the market. The account that is opened has all the features that the platform promises, which means that all the traders on the platform are treated the same.

A free demo account is also provided to users. You don’t need to make a deposit to access this account. You don’t even have to give your payment details. All you need to do is sign up for the free demo whenever you want and you start with $5000 of virtual money.

Security and Licensing

Markets World is licensed by the GSC of the Island of Man and Great Britain. It is fully regulated and therefore offers a high level of service standards and security for all its traders. Transactions are very secure indeed, with high grade encryption protocols applied to everything.

Trading Software

The trading platform that is used by Markets world is completely cloud based. There is no need to download and install the software on a computer to access it. It is extremely well made. The platform is streamlined with a smooth, easy to use interface that even the newest newbie to the trading game could easily understand and get the hang of. It isn’t a hugely complicated bit of software either. Unlike most other brokers, markets world uses a proprietary trading platform that it has developed itself known as TradeSmarter. The platform extends from desktop browsers to mobile browsers, and the broker even has an app available for traders using either Apple or Android based smartphones.

Payouts and Deposits

Currently the broker accepts deposits and withdrawals from most major credit card and debit card holders as well as major e-wallet companies. Visa and MasterCard are both accepted along with Maestro cards. Neteller, Switch and Solo are also supported payment methods, as is wire transfer from banks.

MarketsWorld Review – Conclusion

Make sure you give Markets World a look if you’re in the market for a simple, easy broker that’s perfect for beginners and all US traders!