Option Robot Review

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OptionRobot is one of the best binary options robots with many features and a user friendly layout.

  • Minimum Deposit: $200
  • Robot Accuracy: 83%
  • Accepts US Traders: Yes
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Option Robot Platform Review:

OptionRobot.com is one of the more talked about binary options robots. This is a browser based binary options auto trader with a really good success rate. The binary options robot places trades automatically with a broker that you have previously chosen. Let’s take a look at why this auto trader is better than the competition:

Robot Name OptionRobot
Website www.optionrobot.com
Minimum Deposit $200
Minimum Trade $10
Depositor Bonus Welcome Bonus From The Brokers
Robot Accuracy 83%
Price Free, if you sign up through one of their brokers.

Licensing and Regulations

As OptionRobot.com does not fall under the category of a binary options broker, it is not licensed by another authority. Nonetheless, OptionRobot.com does offer a number of brokers that have been licensed by entities such as the CySEC. From this association alone, it is easy to conclude that this auto trader is a reliable one.

Also this robot does not make claim to have 90+% success rate like some of the scam robots out there.

OptionRobot.com Software Review

There are two versions of the software. One is the free version and the other is Pro Version which costs $79 to download. With the free version, you are limited to certain features such as having to work on Stock pair. This includes having just one binary options broker, 3 trading indicators, two maximum simultaneous trades, five minute trades, and adhering to a minimum amount per trade.


With the Pro version, you will have access to more features. This includes three binary options brokers, 6 trading indicators, 7 simultaneous trades, 8 currency pairs, higher minimum trade amounts, and varying intervals. With both versions, you will be able to utilize three trading systems – the Classic, Martingale, and Fibonacci.

With the Classic system, you will be assured that you will trade the exact same amount regardless of whether you win or not. The Martingale system will increase your trade amount after a loss and then reset it back to the original sum if you win. The Fibonacci system works in the opposite way of the Martingale system.

This software has proven to be easy to download and quite user friendly. While the system may not always live up to its promise about an 83 percent win rate, the win rate is still quite impressive. Typically, you can expect it to be around 70 percent.

Depositing and Withdrawing Money

As mentioned, OptionRobot.com is merely a medium in which to place auto trades with brokers. As such, there is no transaction involved between OptionRobot.com and the trader. Thus, when depositing money with a particular broker, you will have to heed the policies that the entity has in place. It is the same with withdrawing funds from your account.

Overall, if you have not had a great deal of luck with binary options trading, OptionRobot.com may be just the thing to help you. This auto trader has been conducting trades for a while now, to a great deal of success. You will similarly be able to replicate this success by using OptionRobot.com for some of your trades.

Accounts and Special Features

With OptionRobot.com, there are no accounts. This is because the auto trader merely acts as a medium through which trades are placed with a broker. This means that all traders, regardless of how much they choose to deposit, are being provided the same services. The only factor that changes is the corresponding profit that the traders are capable of receiving.


Unlike with brokers, OptionRobot.com does not specify how much money to deposit with them. This amount is entirely up to the trader. Nevertheless, in most instances, the traders must comply with the policies that have been set up with certain brokers.

For instance, if a particular broker has specified a minimum deposit then the trader must comply. Overall, however, the least amount of money required tends to be around $200 to $250. OptionRobot.com generally encourages traders to place between $500 and $1000, however.

It is incredibly easy to sign up with an account for OptionRobot.com. All you have to do is fill out the form that is provided to you on the website. Joining OptionRobot.com is completely free. You will only have to deposit money to activate an account that you wish to hold with a selected broker.

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Once you have signed up, you will be provided with a list of brokers that are associated with OptionRobot.com. After making your choice, you will deposit the required amount. You will then be eligible to begin trading with the broker.

If you do not feel like using the software straight away, there is a demo version that you can practice on at first. It is essentially like using the real service. When you sign up for the demo version, you will be provided with $1000 in virtual money. The signals and the setting provided with the demo mode are exactly the same as with the real money version. In addition, you can continue using the demo version on the weekends, even when the markets are closed. If you are satisfied with the features, you can switch to the real money mode to being trading in actuality.

What Is Binary Options Auto Trading

In addition to the more traditional binary options trading, you can also engage in auto trading. This is when a trader uses software to place trades for them when certain factors are at play. The software is pre-programmed to set up trades when certain signals – that you have determined – come through. This auto trading promises an impressive margin of accuracy. OptionRobot is certainly one of the best robots on the market.


Option Robot Review: Trusted and User-Friendly Automated Trading Software

Option Robot is a reputable and user-friendly automated trading software that provides a reliable and efficient way for traders to engage in binary options trading.

With its high success rate of 83% and customizable settings Option Robot offers a competitive advantage in the market.

Traders can choose from three key trading systems and six technical indicators to maximize their earning potential.

Additionally Option Robot ensures the security of users’ funds through encryption measures and the integration of reputable brokers.

The software is easily accessible through a browser or smartphone eliminating the need for downloads.

With 24/7 customer support and access to real-time quotes and analytics Option Robot is an ideal choice for both experienced and novice traders looking to generate profits and simplify their trading process.

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