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HowWeTrade has a professional trading group!  Are you interested in joining our team?

-We will teach you strategies that we use everyday in our trading to profit consistently.

-Why waste time and money on old strategies.  Open a binary options account today for better profit margins.

– We have an experienced group of traders providing decades of experience in stock market trading.  That is experience you can capitalize on with exclusive access to our chat room, and one on one time with our mentors as you need.  Exclusive access to our daily chats let you stay on top of the days activity and find the profitable trades.  We always share the trades that are working for the benefit of the group.

– Learn how to spot profitable setups in both short and long time frames.  Take big profits with binary options and trade them with some of the best day traders in the industry.  Full training is also provided on everything from software to market activity.

-Our dedicated client services team is there to support you.  Joining and registration are made easy, and our service team is always there to help.

– We understands the changing nature of equity markets.  Algorithmic high frequency trading is responsible for over half of all volume on US Exchanges, according to the New York Times.  We understands how these HFT firms operate, and how to leverage our understanding of them to create profit.  We uniquely have some of the best tools and knowledge to capitalize in today’s markets.

– Stop risking your money without learning proper strategy, trade management, and risk management techniques.

-Strong risk control is important to us.  Using our professional risk controls and strategies, we help you establish quantified risk parameters as you desire.

– Bring your own profitable trading strategy and you will still have access to all of our leading edge tools, cost advantages, and resources we can provide.

If you think you have what it takes to trade with us, we would love to hear from you.  Please fill out your contact information on our form and we will contact you shortly.  Please bring a desire to learn, and a motivated drive to succeed.  Making money day trading is not simple, but if you have the desire and drive, along with an open and inquisitive mind, you might have what it takes.  The rewards to being successful are immense.

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    1. Hi Allen. You don’t trade with us. You have to pick a broker from our homepage and deposit some money there. I take no commission for anything. We are just an information website. All money that you deposit will remain your money.

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