kucoin review

Kucoin Review

Kucoin is a fairly recent addition to an ever-growing list of cryptocurrency exchanges, but there are quite a few reasons why you would feel very confident about it straight away.

It was actually started by the same people that were behind GF securities, Youling, jianbang, and iBOX PAY. That is quite a CV. But more importantly, its founders are well-versed in blockchain technology.

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So be in no doubt that future prospects for this exchange are looking good. There has not been a single glitch with it since it was launched. To get an idea of how much traction this exchange is gaining, its research and development team only came together in May last year.

Since then, there has already been a Kucoin bonus plan as well as a multitude of additional currencies and apps with both Android and iOS compatibility.

But you do not get to build something so good so fast, without a strong foundation, and Kucoin has a very strong foundation. Its founding members have been researching the blockchain technology as far back as 2011 and had already formulated its technical structure in 2013.

The following years were devoted to the refinement of the more candid details until eventually, the platform achieved a seamless level of service. Lets see what the exchange has to offer to new traders in this Kucoin review.

Markets and Trading

The Kucoin website is a joy to use, retaining a clean and contemporary layout that also covers the market overview screen which displays the different trading pairs available. You can choose between BTC, ETH, NEO, KCS, and USDT.


Kucoin is a highly affordable exchange, charging extremely low fee rates in comparison to most other exchanges. Trading fees only amount to 0.1% depending on which assets you buy. There no fees at all for making deposits and for withdrawals, the percentage depends on which cryptocurrency is being withdrawn.

A few like NEO and GAS have no withdrawal fees attached to them and others have extremely low rates. The rate BTC is just 0.0005, for ETH, 0.01, and for LTC, 0.001.

Customer Support

Kucoin maintains very efficient services for its traders, offering multiple ways of getting in touch with the support team. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has a record of resolving any and all issues in the quickest and most efficient possible way.

You can reach customer support via email or through the official website. In addition to answering questions, the support team is open to suggestions from traders regarding the platform and how it could be improved on.


Kucoin is no cheapskate on security. Making the platform a secure place to trade has been its prime focus from the time it was being developed. This is where you will really notice that it was developed with the use of financing level standards which contain a standard transfer encryption protocol for layers of data transfers.

That means that all sensitive and user data are encrypted and stored at a bank level. A multifactor dynamic authentication further heightens the security.

On the operational front, there is a department each for internal risk control and operations. Each department adheres to a rigid standard for the use of data that requires reviews and approvals at multiple levels.

Really the only test left for Kucoin to prove its worth as a safe cryptocurrency exchange is the test of time. Being so new to the industry, we will have to wait and see if all its safety measures will continue to respond well to security threats in the future.

However, knowing the vast experience of the people behind it is already good enough for many traders to sign themselves on and make full use of its facilities. In a way, their prowess in the security department has already been proven by the numerous platforms they have built before.


While Kucoin is still in its infant stages in the market, suffice it to say that it is a fast-growing baby, mostly because it has years of careful planning and research to back it up. If there is one criticism we make of it, it would have to be the still limited availability of trading pairs. However, it will not be long before more and more coins will be added.

That said, however, its phenomenal services, low fee rates, and tight security measures make this one of the more exciting and promising cryptocurrency exchanges to look forward to.

Algorithmic Trading Success

Are you a money manager or a professional trader looking to perfect your automated trading system? Are you an individual, wanting financial control with today’s technological advantages? If so, this compact guide is going to help you develop smart algorithmic or algo trading strategies.

This culls professionals’ vast experience in this field. Before diving into comprehensive ideas, let’s discuss what algorithmic trading is.

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic aka Algo Trading is automated trading by computers. These computers are programmed to take certain actions according to fluctuating market data.

In it, people require using a computer program to follow a defined set of instructions. Or, they use the system to place a trade to generate profits at in fasters and more frequent speed, which is hardly possible with a human trader.

Believe it or not, the Algorithmic system (as the name suggests) uses advanced mathematical models named algorithms. These systems are used for making investment decisions in the financial world. The algorithm manages the quantity and order type as well as the entry and exit price with minimum human intervention.

Building a Trading System

If you want to build a trading system, you need to focus on some points such as background knowledge, market data, a trading platform and market access. It is advisable to learn basic market mechanics. It enables you to create profitable algorithmic trading strategies.

Implementing Algorithmic Trading Systems

If truth to be told, the algorithmic trading strategy, more often than not, is used by large investors – institutional investors. This comprises of pension, funds, and mutual funds. The reason is that they purchase a large of shares every day. These stocks and shares are divided into smaller blocks. And, they purchase them individually.

Then the complex algorithms determine an appropriate time for buying these smaller lots. An order is placed in a way that the purchase carries the least impact on the price of the stock and without increasing purchasing price. Thus, it leads to lower the market impact and heightens the profit margins for large investors.

Benefits of the Algorithmic Trading Systems

By choosing Algo Trading, you can read a lot of benefits. The fact that this innovative trading option uses electronic methods in the form of computer devices; it’s an advantageous position over traditional systems.

No doubt, you cannot expect 100% accurate prediction, still, when compared with manual trading, the automatic trading system offers you a higher level of accuracy. Since, it’s an electronic-based; you can work anytime from anywhere.

Good for Beginners

The algorithmic trading strategy is also a good opportunity for beginners. It boosts efficiency and increases their earning potential which is very beneficial for them. Although beginners lack in knowledge and skills, they are able to trade like professionals. They don’t need to have technical knowledge of operating the computer programs start trading.

Going ahead with other benefit is the speed at which beginners can make decisions. They can have updated market information in minutes, which help them to initiate orders many-a-times without the knowledge or intervention of human traders.


Before stepping into an algorithmic trading practice, it’s good to understand the type of fund you want to invest.

You should know that some funds concentrate on the money market, stocks, currency pairs, precious metal like silver, gold and other industrial materials.

Each fund comes with its own benefits and risks. You should take into consideration before entering into the automatic trading world. If you can take a huge risk, then you should go for funds that can carry high risk but high return. Do focus on getting the high return. On the contrary, if you want low risk, investing in precious metal is an ideal option.

If you have any question related to algorithmic trading practice, feel free to write in the comment box.

Bitcoin Security

It is true that Bitcoin is highly volatile in nature and turns out to be a lot tougher at mining and more expensive to purchase compared to other cryptocurrencies. However, none of those factors seem to threaten its place in the market at any considerable rate.

After all, the number of ways which you can trade bitcoin seem endless and despite numerous predictions of its demise in the past, it is still very much here today as the most prominent digital currency of them all. And we are still scratching our heads over who came up with it in the first place. Irony abounds.

In any case, you had best remain sober and choose not to look at bitcoin as a pure money making machine. For one thing, the price for entry is rather steep and for another, you do not get to maintain a digital wallet or use other exchange and storage services without security concerns.

So let us now get our eye in on what security is like with bitcoin, both protocols and services.

Encryption and the Blockchain

Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency and there many more that propped up since its launch in 2009. Simply put, cryptocurrencies refer to digital currencies that use cryptography as the central element to their protocol so they are essentially decentralized. They are not validated by any government or bank.

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For its PoW (Proof-of-Work) system as well as its transaction verification, bitcoin uses SHA-256 encryption.

Bitcoin Blockchain

The backbone of bitcoin security is essentially the transaction blockchain – a chain consisting of multiple blocks which keep a record of transaction history. It begins with the so-called genesis block and it keeps building on further transactions and solved hashes to eventually form what we call a blockchain.

Double Spending

Double spending refers to the possible trickery of the blockchain into spending the same bitcoins twice, since a bitcoin is already considered spent when a transaction is verified. There are multiple ways by which it can be done. Assuming a trader does not await the transaction verification, an attacker can double spend on bitcoins by swiftly dispatching a couple of conflicting transactions into the network. Another way involves pre-mining a single transaction into a block and spending those same coins prior to releasing that block into the blockchain. The only catch is you are going to need an astronomical level of computing power to pull it off, or else it is better to do things legally.

Bitcoin Wallets

You store your bitcoins in a wallet but your wallet does not actually store your bitcoins per se. Wait, what? Yes, it is perfectly reasonable. How a bitcoin wallet functions instead by containing a public key – like a bank account number – which is then used to receive bitcoins, and then there is a private key – like your ATM pin number – which you use to identify yourself as the owner of the bitcoins you want to sell.

Storing Bitcoins Offline

While a digital wallet is a storage option that only works online, there are even safer ways to store away your precious bitcoin. A perk you get from owning a digital wallet is it is not tangible. You can therefore have it printed and stored on paper. So now you have a paper wallet containing both your private and public keys on it.

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You can also try hardware wallets that also store critical details offline. The main benefit here is you are free of any threat posed by software or viruses since your private details are kept in a protected area of a microcontroller. Also, storing bitcoins in hardware wallets allows you use them directly, unlike with paper wallets, which must first be keyed in or transferred into software.

Security Breaches

The bitcoin protocol itself is as secure as it needs to be but that is not counting in the numerous sites and services that deal with it regularly. It is best to study previous security-related cases to gain a better understanding of where to place your trust.


Yes, bitcoin is not without its issues concerning security and there is no shortage of cases which highlight that. But it is important to draw that all-important distinction between the protocols which are more or less faultless, and the people and services dealing with bitcoin, which are far more prone to a fault.

bitcoin simply explained

Pump And Dump Crypto

Pump And Dump is a method of artificially increasing the price of a cryptocurrency coin or stock. Traders then try to sell the coin/stock for a big profit.

We will focus on crypto pump and dumps in this article.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more pump and dump groups appear on apps like discord and telegram.

CFTC and SEC Are Warning Against Crypto Pump-and-Dumps. Stay away from these groups.

How Does Pump And Dump Work?

Usually thousands of traders gather in a group and pump different coins at once. Usually the owners decide which coin will be dumped next. They usually buy it before announcing it to their group to make maximum profits.

However there are more fair groups where the owner finds out about the coin the same time as the others.

Who Starts These PnD Groups?

Traders who try to profit even more from cryptocurrencies and how don’t care about the losses of others.

How Can I Spot A Pump And Dump?

It’s fairly easy. Look at this screenshot – do you see that huge spike? Normal growth doesn’t look like this.

This was a pump and dump organized by the biggest PnD discord group.

Pumps like these only take a few minutes.

Is Pump And Dump Legal?

Pump and Dump is illegal with stock trading, however cryptocurrency trading is still unregulated, which means that it’s not illegal there. That’s why so many people do it.

Is It Profitable?

Yes, pump and dumps can be very profitable. You can make a lot of money this way.

Who Loses With This?

I don’t have any official numbers on how many percent of a pump and dump group makes money and how many lose money. My guess is that 80% make money with this, while 20% lose money.

Also traders, who are not aware that a coin is being pumped and dumped and want to buy the coin at the same moment, may lose a lot of money. Maybe they see it go up like crazy and start to feel like they are missing out (FOMO).

Or there are traders that are part of the pump and dump group, but they get greedy and try to make multiple trades or they set your sell orders (profit) too high.

Is It Safe To Do Pump And Dumps?

As said it’s not illegal to do it. However there may be some changes in the future.

Pump And Dump Advantages

This differs from group to group. Usually the pumps are being organized on discord (mainly used by gamers) where there are ranks based on how many people you have invited. People who invite their friends to these groups will usually have a bigger time advantage. There are ranks within a group and the higher your rank is, the faster you find out the name of the coin.

It’s up to you if you want to take part of such pumps. It’s really interesting to see how fast the coins are being bought when these pumps happen. Usually people will tell you to stay away from these finds of groups, but I know many who made a lot of money this way.

Let me know what you think about this, in the comments.

How To Buy Monero

What could be said about Monero? It is certainly one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in existence right now.

We often tend to look at cryptocurrencies based on the defining focus of their services. With Ethereum and NEO, the focus is on smart contracts.

Ripple is more oriented toward making transactions convenient and efficient. We know Monero primarily because of its focus on giving traders the highest level of privacy possible.

So far, this has proven to be a massive selling point for Monero. Who would not fancy a cryptocurrency that affords a high level of privacy?

Monero even uses innovative mechanisms such as the ring signature to maintain anonymity and safety for its users. But before you go ahead and get some for yourself, it is good to familiarize yourself with how Monero actually works and then decide if you want to buy it.


Although it is fair to emphasize on Monero’s obsession with anonymity, the fact is that all cryptocurrencies lend some kind of anonymity to their users. Some just happen to be better at it than others. Ever since its launch in 2013,Monero’s key design principle has been to afford the highest level of privacy possible for users.

2016,in particular, was a good year for Monero, as it received acceptance as a method of payment by the darknet market alphabay. Monero has since been given comprehensive updates and improvements to its ring signature and gained immense popularity.

Monero’s privacypolicy

Monero is arguably one of the most popular cryptocurrencies currently operating. So how does it compare to the daddy of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin? Their levels of privacy are certainly comparable. But this is where Monero starts to edge ahead. Unlike Bitcoin, Monero does not reveal the recipient’s holdings to the sender. Instead, the funds are sent via a random account created for that specific transaction. Plus, Monero’s ledger only remembers that one-time address and does not link it to either the sender or recipient.

Purchasing Monero

So are you completely sold on Monero? Are you keen to get yourself some? Now all that is left to figure out is how you can actually acquire some XMR. Unfortunately, this where you may run into a bit of a snag. As it turns out, it is a lot simpler to buy prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherum, using US currency than it is with Monero.

Instead of making a direct purchase, you will usually have to purchase bitcoin first and then exchange BTC for XMR, for which you need a cryptocurrency exchange.

You should always be cautious when using a cryptocurrency exchange. Most are fairly reputed and safe, but some are just plain crooked. Even if you manage to find one that is very trustworthy, it is advisable to take as many precautions as you can to secure your investment.

Now if it comes to purchasing bitcoin prior to Monero, you are going to have to learn how to purchase bitcoin. One of the most popular methods is with Coinbase, one of the biggest exchanges for cryptocurrency anywhere in the world.

From Coinbase, you can buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum with your credit/debit card or bank transfer, which are simple enough methods even for novice traders. Coinbase charges 3.99% for cards and 1.49% for the transfers.

However, a point of concern for those intending to buy Monero is the ID verification process enforced by Coinbase, a typical requirement of most reputed cryptocurrency exchanges. The idea behind it is to discourage criminal activity such as money laundering.

So if privacy is an all-important factor for you, you can buy bitcoin via a peer-to-peer exchange like localbitcoins. However, you will be compromising on the level of security offered by an exchange like Coinbase.

Once you have purchased your bitcoin, you can focus on how to buy Monero. There are some reputed places where BTC can be exchanged for XMR. One such source is called Kraken and it does require a verification process to be undertaken prior to trading.

Once again, there is an alternative for the more private users. It is called Bitsquare, and once again, its lack of a verification process means it is also a less secure option. You will have to rely not only on other users of Bitsquare but also on Bitsquare’s own Arbitration system.

It would also be more helpful for you to open an account with a highly reputed broker like Plus500 that offers a big variety of CFDs on cryptocurrencies among its services.

Whichever one you choose, the next step will remain the same: switching from BTC to XMR. All you have to do here is open up a trade for your selected exchange and wait for your offer to be taken up by another trader. Once that is done, you will receive your Monero.

It is important to remember that using an exchange does carry an element of risk considerable enough to warrant extra safety precautions for your computer. It is best to always allow two-factor authorization and distribute your coins among multiple wallets.

Also take care not to leave any coins in your exchange wallet, unless of course, you intend to trade them. A Hardware wallet or cold storage is the best way to secure your cryptocurrency. With these, you can store your cryptocurrency offline.

But in any case, no matter how safe and efficient your plan may be, you should never be tempted to risk trading more than you can afford to lose. A risk factor is certainly present in many stages of purchasing and dealing with cryptocurrencies, as they are still highly volatile commodities. There is the ever-present threat from the market to move against you and return a significant loss on your trades.


All things considered, investing in Monero is much the same as investing in most other things. Your main principle should always be to invest only as much as you can afford to give up, never more.

Wins and losses are part of the game, and you want to make sure the effects of a loss are as minimal as possible so that the effects of a win are magnified as much as possible. Take this and other necessary precautions, and you can virtually guarantee your success as a trader.


Binance Referral Code

Binance Referral IDBinance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange at the moment. It even has it’s own coin called BNB (Binance Coin).

Binance is my favorite exchange, because it has most of the currencies I am interested in.


  • has the most users
  • can process 1,4 million orders per second
  • has a unique coin called BNB
  • has multi-language support
  • low fees if you use a referral ID

Use The Binance Referral ID Code: 11285553

When signing up with Binance, you can use a Binance Referral ID.

Binance Referral ID: 11285553. Sign Up with Binance.com

Why use this referral ID?

Traders, who use this referral ID will get a fee discount of 50% and a referral bonus of 40%.

Step-by-step Guide on how to Sign Up with Binance

Binance referral code

  • Step 3: Enter your email, password and enter the number 11285553 as Referral ID  (if it’s not auto-completed already)
  • Step 4: Click REGISTER and you’re done.

Is Binance A Good Exchange?

The growth of Binance is crazy. The fact that they have to stop new registrations is even crazier. I’ve read somewhere that at one point they had up to 250.000 users sign up every hour. This is why their coin BNB tops new highs so often.

If you believe that Binance will continue like this, then it may be a good idea to get some of their coins.

Binance is an awesome cryptocurrency exchange. Here are the reasons why I love them:

  • Binance is safe and trustworthy.
  • They offer two factor authentication via Google Authenticator that you can download on your smartphone (recommended) or to your PC (Chrome).
  • There has been no scam reports or any scandals involving this exchange over the years
  • Binance is the preferred cryprocurrency exchange of most traders

We really recommend activating the two factor authentication to avoid getting your account hacked.

Binance continues to be the top choice of many traders including me, and I really think Binance will remain the #1 for a while. I really think Binance is even better than CoinBase and KuCoin.

Binance Trading Fee

The trading fee on Binance is 0.1%, however if you own Binance Coins, you can pay your fees with them. Binance offers a discount for traders using the BNB coin, so you will receive a 25% discount (compared to 0.1% with no Binance coins).

Here is how to do it: After registering, go to your account (top right corner > Click on the little Person icon)

bnb fees

Let me know in the comments, what you think about Binance.

Binance Referral Program

In October 2017, Binance launched the Binance Referral Program and it’s a great success. Traders can invite their friends to Binance and get a cut of their trading fees. This happens in real time.

Binance used to offer 50% referral bonus, but in January 2018 they changed it to 20%. Even with 20% it’s still a good deal.

Where To Find The Binance Referral Code

First of all you need a Binance account. Signing up is very easy. It takes less than a minute.

When signing up you may get this message:

Fellow Binancians,
Due to the overwhelming surge in popularity, Binance will have to temporarily disable new user registrations to allow for an infrastructure upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Thank you for your support!

If you see this, then try again later. Binance sometimes disables the registration form for a few hours, but it should be back later.

After you have signed up, log in to your account.

When you log in to Binance you should see a banner on top of the page that says: “Binance Referral Program. It pays to have friends”.

If you can’t find the banner then simply click this page: https://www.binance.com/invite.html.

binance referral id

As you see on the screenshot above on this page you will have your Binance Referral Code, the number of referred friends and the amount you have earned so far.

bitcoin simply explained

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A cryptocurrency exchange refers to a website that allows you to trade, that is to purchase, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies either for different cryptocurrencies or prominent fiat currencies like the American dollar or Euro.

Those traders who are particularly keen on trading professionally and have advanced trading tools at their disposal had best subscribe to reputed exchanges that requires national ID verification to open an account.

There are basically two types of exchanges: ones that require ID verification and the ones that don’t. The reason for this is that whenever there is fiat money (USD, EUR) involved, they have to check your identity. In order to get started with crypto trading, you will have to first deposit fiat money.

You can do this on exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken. While these exchanges aren’t the best for trading altcoins, you may want to move the newly purchased coins to another exchange that offers the altcoins you want to buy.

There is no exchange that offers both: fiat money deposit and withdrawals and high number of tradable altcoins (other coins than Bitcoin). This means that you will have to use at least two exchanges.

Let us now look into a few different types of exchanges that would be more suited to the specific needs of traders.

Types of Exchanges

  • Trading Platforms/Exchanges: Websites that match buyers with sellers and retain a commission from every transaction.
  • Brokers: These refer to online websites that you can visit to purchase cryptocurrencies at a price that is set by the broker.
  • Direct Trading: These are platforms that facilitate direct trades between persons. That includes traders trading from different countries. There is no fixed market price here, only the exchange rates set by the seller.

What To Look For Before Signing Up With A Crypto Exchange?

Research is always helpful. You never know when you might uncover something that could alter your entire perspective on the subject or change your mind just a little. It all adds up to a better end result. Here are some crucial factors of a cryptocurrency exchange that you should explore thoroughly before you join them.

  • Reputation: Exchanges are constantly reviewed by their users as well as the experts. Head over to Q&A forums like BitcoinTalk or Reddit to clarify answer any questions you might have.
  • Requirements for verification: Most Bitcoin trading platforms in both the UK and the US require some kind of ID before allowing for any deposits or withdrawals. However, there are some that allow users to remain anonymous. Verification can take as long as a few days which can be irritating. However, it does come with protection against various scams and money laundering.
  • Methods of payment: This is particularly important. You need to know that the exchange you are signing up with accepts your preferred methods of payment. It could be via credit/debit card, bank wire transfer or PayPal. If the number of payment of options at your exchange is strictly limited, you may want to consider using another. Also bear in mind that buying cryptocurrencies with your credit card always comes with an ID verification as well as a premium price due to the risk of fraud, higher transaction, and fees for processing. Using a bank wire transfer to purchase cryptocurrency will take a relatively long time due to the processing speed of the bank.
  • Fees: Your cryptocurrency exchange should not be shy about containing information regarding fees on its website. It will help you get your eye in on how deposits, withdrawal, and transaction fees will work before you join. The fees are not all the same with each exchange. They can differ substantially.
  • Exchange Rate: Rates differ for different exchanges. If you take the time to really figure out your options, you could save yourself a lot more money. It is not at all an anomaly for rates to fluctuate as much as 10% or higher on certain occasions.
  • Geographical Restrictions: Some of the more specific services from exchanges are only available in certain countries. So make sure that the exchange you sign up with provides your region with full access to the tools and functions of its platform.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Now that we have covered what cryptocurrency exchanges are and what you should think about before signing up with one, we can focus on what the best cryptocurrency exchanges are.

The list of short reviews detailed below has been compiled from extensive research and also draws from reviews by users that cover fees, security, accessibility, and overall user-friendliness. So without further delay, let us get into the list.

1. Coinbase Review

Being accessible from many currency zones, CoinBase has come up with a simple and stress-free process for purchasing Bitcoin.

It was first launched in 2012 and is represented in more 30 countries. The largest customer bases for Coinbase reside in the United States, United Kingdom, and Brazil.

It is also highly reputed for its level of security and trustworthiness as a platform. It easily qualifies itself here as one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. This is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that takes USD.


  • 2 digital wallets available
  • Easy trading of cryptocurrency with other traders
  • Deposits are ensured, except in the event where an account is hacked with the user password.


  • Strict security measures mean that your account can be frozen from time to time causing you to wait a while before using it
  • Withdrawals are always tracked, which discourages the use of Bitcoin purchases for gambling and other shady transactions.

Visit Coinbase.com

2. CEX.IO Review

CEX.IO is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange for over 700,000 users worldwide, particularly those who are interested in the Bitcoin trade. CEX.IO is renowned for its simplicity. You can easily deposit funds using your credit or debit card. You can also transfer funds by having your account checked to your CEX.IO account and just like that, you just about ready to begin trading in cryptocurrency. This exchange does make the top 5 list in the minds of many people.


  • Reputed for being among the best Bitcoin trading platforms for its ability to enable virtually instant trading
  • Users can purchase BTC with good payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, bank wire transfer, and of course, cryptocurrency


  • Currently operates only for Bitcoin exchange due to the closing of cloud mining activities at the beginning of 2015
  • The platform operates on a ‘Fill or Kill’ or FOK basis which means that what you have agreed to pay initially is indeed what you will end up paying. Changing your mind is not an option.
  • May not necessarily retain the best exchange rates for cryptocurrencies. You will probably find better rates on a site that allows you to make purchases from other traders.

3. Coinmama Review

Many users of cryptocurrencies have declared Coinmama to be the easiest Bitcoin market for opening a new account and getting straight into coin exchange. Its popularity has been rising significantly since its launch back in 2012. At the time, it was one of the very few trading sites for Bitcoin that accepted deposits via a Western Union transfer.


  • One of the top-rated and reliable sights for purchasing Bitcoin online
  • Exquisite quality of service
  • You can easily open an account after depositing funds with your credit card


  • With the credit card method being so simple, there are higher user fees being charged – as high as 6.5% – depending on your method of payment.
  • If you rely on alternative payment options, you are better off seeking out another site that chargers lower commissions

4. Localbitcoins.com Review

Are you in search of a reliable BTC trading site that connects you with other traders in your region for making cryptocurrency exchanges? Localbitcoins.com could be exactly what you are looking for. Unfortunately, it is yet to be available worldwide. However, since its launch in 2012, it has managed to extend its services to over 248 nations. Chances are, you live in one of them.


  • The fees structure is very simple – 1% per transaction paid by the seller. There is also a network fee in addition to the transaction fee. The seller usually includes the transaction fee as part of the asking price.
  • Escrow service guarantees fairness for both buyers and sellers of Bitcoin
  • Signing up requires nothing more than your valid email address. No personal information needs to be submitted. However, other users can require seeing identification prior to trading with you


  • Not particularly suitable for inordinate purchases of Bitcoin. You may want to try out another site which makes bulk purchases a lot easier and less expensive
  • Platform is not particularly user-friendly for novice traders
  • The probability of being scammed is relatively high so you will need to keep yourself informed of the latest safety precautions as well as methods of approaching other traders

5. Changelly Review

One of the better-known features of this site is its ability to keep track of transactions. Its interface is considered by many to be simple and user-friendly, containing some unique features such as low exchange rates, the exchange of bitcoin into other acceptable cryptocurrencies, and of course, keeping track of the transactions.


  • Transactions are made quick and easy
  • Trusted exchange for thousands of cryptocurrency traders
  • Very low fee rate. Changelly charges a mere 0.5% for an exchange between cryptocurrencies.


  • Since not all transactions happen in real time, you could end up purchasing BTC online for and be given a lower amount due to the exchange time.
  • Purchasing cryptocurrency with Changelly using a credit or debit card carries fee rates that can be as high as 40%. Therefore, you may want to consider more inexpensive alternatives.

6. BitPanda Review

BitPanda was initially known as Coinimal. It is a widely recommended site for purchasing and selling the most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The options to purchase either of them is available 24 hours a day for all 365 days of the year. Also, there at least 10 methods of payment available including Visa, Mastercard, Amazon, Skrill, Neteller, and Sepa.


  • Fantastic online customer support
  • Bitcoin wallet is freely available
  • The Bitcoin transaction executed swiftly making this one of the best sites for purchasing BTC


  • You will be required to submit some form of identification prior to making a purchase which is not ideal for those concerned about their privacy
  • While many other sites will display the fees cost separately, BitPanda includes it as part of the price you pay

7. Coinhouse Review

Traders looking to exchange Bitcoin will appreciate this company for making the payment process a simple one. Simplifying the process involves Coinhouse purchasing Kraken crypto and selling it to its users. This is beneficial because Kraken trading can be rather confounding. Plus, it does not accept credit or debit cards. In order to validate your account with Coinhouse, you must submit government-issued identification and then you can purchase BTC.


  • Reputed for being a reliable, solid Bitcoin broker
  • Contains great and highly responsive customer service
  • By far, the best method for purchasing bitcoin in Europe with a credit card


  • Fees are relatively high, so purchasing Bitcoin in bulk can be problematic
  • Your capacity for making purchases is limited on a monthly basis

8. Kraken Review

Kraken is a renowned Bitcoin website which charges lower fees and is the choice of many professional traders all across the world. It boasts some formidable security features as well as healthy connections with banks and the capacity to make transaction quick and easy. It is the preferred choice for millions of Bitcoin buyers. All of these features help place Kraken among the top 10 highest-rated trading platforms in the industry, which is also very encouraging for prospective users.


  • One of the reliable and reputed options for purchasing Bitcoin anywhere in the world
  • Security for your trades and exchanges is high since you will be signing into the service with a two-factor authentication
  • Has managed to cultivate a good reputation and remain competitive ever since its launch in 2011


  • The fee structure is rather complex to get around since there is slippage, conversion, deposit and withdrawal fees concerning both Bitcoin and Kraken.

9. Bitstamp Review

Not unlike Kraken, Bitstamp was also launched in 2011 and remains to this day one of the best BTC exchanges you can find. The main reason you can be assured financial security by using Bitstamp is that over 98% of the digital funds are kept in offline places. Bitstamp also makes cryptocurrency exchanges quick, safe, and hassle-free no matter what amount you decide to purchase.


  • Ranked high on most rating lists since it has never been reported to scam its users with any hidden fees
  • Bitstamp was the first nationally licensed exchange for Bitcoin
  • One of the easiest options for buying Bitcoin since users can make purchases with credit cards
  • Customer service is highly responsive, at least within an hour of being contacted


  • Margin trading and exchange of Altcoin is not available
  • Transaction times are not very consistent. Users have reported the first couple or so transactions to appear within minutes and then extend to as long as 5 days after that.

10. HitBTC Review

HitBTC is a more recent cryptocurrency exchange to join the industry, launching only in 2015. It is headquartered in London. Despite being fairly recent, its numbers have been rising consistently ever since it started. It offers good security measures for its users with a two-factor authentication process and variable trading fees going by the time when a transaction is executed. For those interested in a UK BTC exchange, HitBTC is becoming a fast favorite.


  • Platform is easy to use even for novice traders
  • Backups for software can be accessed on a daily basis through a computer as well as a mobile device
  • Professional traders can enjoy the benefits of low fees and high liquidity


  • There have been reports claiming that this is not one of the safest options for purchase of Bitcoin
  • The reviews have not been consistent regarding the quality of services and responsiveness of the customer support team

11. 247exchange Review

247exchange is renowned for providing a user interface that is easy to access and highly transparent on matters like fees so traders can feel more knowledgeable and relaxed when they sign up for it. Also, once you are through the process of verification, you will be entitled to purchasing Bitcoins with your credit card. However, it falls somewhat short of making it as one of the best exchanges since it makes the process of verification and other documents available in English only.


  • User interface is simple and easy to use and is accessible from your computer and mobile devices
  • Customer service is good, particularly with the verification process
  • Verification does involve revealing your phone number which can be easily managed with a text message


  • Verification for credit card can take as long as a couple of days
  • You may encounter some trouble with the verification documents if you are not familiar with the English language
  • There is room for improvement regarding communication of the verification process

12. POLONIEX Review

The poloneix cryptocurrency exchange is based in the United States and promises great security with the use of monitoring programs that are active all day, every day.  There plenty of reviews online that regard Poloneix as a safe and reliable service. In fact, it is so highly regarded that it has actually been overloaded with users giving its customer service team a very hectic schedule.


  • Altcoin exchanges are available
  • Good liquidity available
  • Capable of serving international customers even if the primary focus is on the US market


  • Fiat trading is not available
  • Customer service takes a while to respond due to the surge in popularity which has caused an overload of customers

13. BitBay Review

Bitbay is an exchange for Bitcoin that is based in Poland. It is important to know upfront that this not an exchange that offers any international trading services. It is also not exactly the cheapest option for purchasing Bitcoin, but it charges fees that are lower compared to the majority of its competitors. You can assess the fee rates more accurately after comparing them to several more sites.


  • Enables transaction to be instant so that you will receive the prevailing market price
  • You can have bot do the trading for you in case you cannot do it on your own
  • User interface easy to use thanks to some great features that help make Bitcoin exchanges immediately
  • Traders are allowed to set whatever price they content with paying as well as how much cryptocurrency they would like to buy


  • Not the ideal option for you if you are not residing in Poland
  • It has been reported by some users that the site is somewhat unstable
  • Debit card or Mastercard privileges are restricted only to users operating from Poland

14. Bitfinex Review

Bitfinex is based in Hong Kong and is an immensely popular exchange site for traders seeking to trade cryptocurrencies in US currency. Bitfinex has been listed consistently among the highest ranking cryptocurrency exchanges since 2014. It prides itself on its transparency of services, policies, and user-friendliness. It is certainly one of the most prominent players in the market for cryptocurrencies.


  • Trading on margin and margin-funding are available
  • One of the largest platforms for cryptocurrency exchange
  • Access to a wealth of useful trading tools


  • There is just one method of making deposits and that is via SWIFT along with a bank transfer
  • Customer service does not have a swift response time
  • Withdrawals often take more than a day to process

15. CoinCorner Review

CoinCorner was created only in 2014, and it is well known for making it an easy process to purchase and sell Bitcoin. It also contains a very generous affiliate program offering a commission rate as high as 25% along with daily payments in Bitcoin as well. Management of this exchange is handled by peers that work tirelessly to keep the platform open-source allowing anyone to make a purchase.


  • Customer support is very responsive not merely to inquiries but also posts on other forums
  • Interface is user-friendly even for novice traders


  • Account verification can make the process rather slow
  • Setup help videos are of little help.

As you can see, there is no shortage of good cryptocurrency exchanges for you to try. All that is left do is pick the one that is the closest match to your specific trading needs and carry fewer risks.

kucoin review

KuCoin invitation code

KuCoin.com is the hottest cryptocurrency exchange at the moment. Kucoin even has its own token called KuCoin Shares (KCS).

I am a kucoin user myself, and I love the fact that this exchanges listens to the community – they have integrated many features that the traders asked for.

UPDATE May 2018 – The KuCoin “Referral Bonus” program is open again. Use KuCoin Invitation Code: 24R8w and Sign Up Here.

Kucoin is not considered one of the fastest growing and most trusted crypto exchanges. Most of the time you will find cryptocurrency on kucoin first, before they add it to bigger exchanges like Binance and Bittrex.

Here Is a KuCoin Invitation Code

KuCoin invitation code: 24R8wSign Up Here

So if you want to invest in lesser known coins that have a higher possibility to go 5x or 10x, then Kucoin is the right exchange for you.

KuCoin even has a referral programs, where you can refer your friends and get a cut of their trading fees.

Lets say you sign up to KuCoin today. You get your unique referal link and invite your friend. He generates $1 trading fees. You will get a cut of these fees (you get 20%).

The reward program has 3 tiers. That means that once you invite your friend, you will also earn from his invited friends and so on (up to 3 tiers). You get 20% for tier 1 (your friend), 12% for tier 2 (your friend’s friend), 8% for tier 3 (your friend’s friend’s friend).

To understand it better, take a look here:

Where To Find The KuCoin Invitation Code

If you want to start inviting your friends to this exchange then you first need a KuCoin account. Registration is very easy, and it takes only a few seconds.

There is no complicated verifcation process or anything like that. You’ll have an account in a minute.

Next you should go to the Explore > Invitation Bonus menu. It should look like this:

Buy Kucoin Tokens

There are a few advantages for buying KCS (KuCoins own token):

  • Less Fees: All KuCoin Token holders get a 50% fee discount when trading on their platform. This works just like on binance. It’s always better to use these tokens to pay the fees.
  • Better Support: Some people claim that you get faster support, this way (unconfirmed).

I really think that KuCoin is one of the better exchanges out there. Their platform is fantastic and you will find all features you need to trade currencies successfully. They really listen to their community and try to add even more features in the future. The layout is simple and clean. The fact that they add ICOs and lesser known coins faster than others, means that you can get your hands on these before they start pumping.

Good luck with your trades. To the moon!!!

List Of Cryptocurrencies

In the arena of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin casts a long dark shadow over all the rest. It was, after all, the first of its kind, launched in 2009 a person or persons whose identity or identities we are still no closer to uncovering than when we first asked the question.

However, in the wake of bitcoin’s revolutionary involvement in online trading, other cryptocurrencies have also propped up to rival it. We know them categorically as altcoins and the ones that are not bitcoin try to market themselves as more improved and sophisticated over the daddy.

In some ways, that is true. But none have so far been able to take the crown away from bitcoin since all have their own fair of risk that causes them to fall short of achieving bitcoin status. Now, there several hundred cryptocurrencies currently in existence but we have isolated what we believe to be the top four that you can try out if you are not keen on trading bitcoin.

1. Litecoin (LTC)

Launched in 2011, Litecoin is only a couple of years junior to bitcoin and has often been called the ‘silver to bitcoin’s gold.’ We would not be surprised if the founder, Charlie Lee found that a tad bit insulting. Lee was a graduate of MIT as well as an engineer for Google. His cryptocurrency is rooted in a network of open source global payment which is decentralized and relies on ‘scrypt’ for a proof of work.

It is also simple enough to be decoded with a consumer grade CPU. Litecoin as generates blocks a lot faster compared to bitcoin and therefore faster confirmation on transactions as well. And its popularity among traders is fast growing.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is fairly recent arrival to the cryptocurrency market launching only in 2015. It too is a decentralized online platform which also allows smart contracts and Distributed applications. More importantly, it enables these functions without the threat of downtime, control, fraud or other interference from outside. Ethereum’s cryptographic token is called ether. It is the essential vehicle by which you navigate through Ethereum’s platform. There was even a pre-sale for it back in 2014 which was met with an overwhelming response. Although being a relatively young cryptocurrency, ethereum has already managed a managed a market cap of well over $4 billion which is only second to – you guessed – bitcoin which is in excess of 7 billion right now.

3. Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash is an even more recent cryptocurrency launched late into 2016 but it has already garnered a good reputation within trading circles. Like Litecoin, it comes across as a decentralized, open source cryptocurrency. Also like Litecoin, it has its own associated catch-phrase in relation to bitcoin. In this case, it is“If Bitcoin is like http for money, Zcash is https,” because Zcash promises better security measures on both privacy and security concerning any and all transactions that are recorded on a blockchain. Specifically, details such as the identity of the sender and receiver, and also the transacted amount are kept confidential. Zcash also offers options with shielded transactions so that information can be encrypted through an advanced technique or zk-SNARK, a zero-knowledge proof construction.

4. Dash

Dash was originally known as Darkcoin and they should have stuck with that name because what it really is, is a darker version of bitcoin. It operates on a decentralized mastercode which lends more anonymity to both individuals as well as transactions. It is not the most recently released cryptocurrency, debuting in January of 2014 but it has enjoyed an exponential growth of its fan base since becoming active. It was developed by a certain Evan Duffield and is simple enough to be mined with a CPU or GPU. The brand name was switched to Dash in March of 2015. It is really just an abbreviation for Digital Cash and no further changes were made to any of the technological aspects like InstantX or Darksend.

List Of Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap

Here is a top10 list of cryptocurrencies by market cap (time of writing Jan 4 – 2018):

1 Bitcoin $250,743,017,922
2 Ripple $140,471,238,347
3 Ethereum $93,282,769,858
4 Bitcoin Cash $40,284,011,730
5 Cardano $31,910,260,606
6 NEM $16,838,819,998
7 Stellar $15,448,836,303
8 Litecoin $12,798,135,752
9 IOTA $10,862,098,598
10 TRON $9,788,130,658

List Of Lesser Known Cryptocurrencies

Here is a list of cryptocurrencies that aren’t in the top10: 0x, AdEx, Aeternity, Aragon, Ardor, ATMChain, Augur, Bancor, Basic Attention Token, Binance Coin, Bytom, ChainLink, Civic, DigixDAO, Edgeless, EOS, Ethos, FunFair, Gas, Gnosis, Golem, Iconomi, Kyber Network, Loopring, MaidSafeCoin, Metal, MobileGo, Monaco, OmiseGO, PayPie, Populous, Power Ledger, Raiden Network Token, SALT, SingularDTV, Status, Storj, TenX, Tether, TRON, Veritaseum, Walton.


Bitcoin still retains its position at the top of the leaderboard for cryptocurrencies and we are yet to see it get knocked over even once. But these four have been biting at its heels for a while now and who knows, perhaps one of them will take the lead one day.

Is Bitconnect A Scam?

Update Jan 17, 2018 – As most of the community has predicted BitConnect has just closed today. Their coin dropped 92% in one day.

Don’t sign up to anything related to Bitconnect

Short answer: Probably (please read on).

There is a significant ongoing debate in the cryptocurrency trading community concerning BitConnect. Is it a scam or not?

There is no question thatBitConnect has turned out to be one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies in existence courtesy of its unique methods of doing business as well as how it attracts new users.

Back in May of this year, BitConnect’s market cap was reported to be well under $50 million. But right now, it has inflated at a simply staggering rate to be in excess of $1.5 billion. As a result, it also holds aninth place in the overall market cap rankings.

The official description of BitConnect is a peer-to-peer, open source, decentralized cryptocurrency that is community-driven and enables traders to invest and conserve their wealth in a currency that is independent of government mechanisms.

Plus, they also have the opportunity of earning significant interest on their investments.

One of the fundamental elements of the BitConnectcryptocurrency is the BitConnect Lending Program. Users of BitConnect are free to exchange BTC for BCC and then lend it for a certain time period. In that time, the initial BTC that was lent may not be withdrawn, even with penalties.

Also in the meantime, that BTC gains interest, which averages out at a reported 1% each day.

Users of BitConnect have the option of withdrawing their interest daily or reinvesting it into the Lending Program to gain bigger profits.

This helps accelerate the so-called ‘Capital Back’. It is also the main reason why many in the cryptocurrency industry suspect BitConnect of being a scam.

Now let us examine some of the more prevalent scam claims that have been made about BitConnect.

#1. It is logistically impossible for any financial investment to guarantee an average profit of 1% everyday so BitConnect may well be a Ponzi Scheme

This claim is not strictly accurate. BitConnect does not outright guarantee the 1% profit per day. On the contrary, they have suggested that there could be several days when the interest gained is 0%. BitConnect does rely on a volatility software that maps out the daily rate of interest over a period of weeks, months, and even years.

However, the volatility chart does suggest that the average interest per day is 1% even counting those days when BitConnect claims that it is 0%. Hence, that is a bit of a dicey statistic.

The main reason for that is compounding interest which is also why traders get a return on their initial investment so promptly.

Let us look at an example. If a trader lent $100 with the average interest assumed at 1% per day, the daily interest for that investment would be $1 per day. But by the second day, the interest amount would be drawn from $101. So now the interest is at $1.01. By day 3, the 1% interest would be drawn out of $103 and so forth. That is compounding interest.

BitConnect saysthey have a trading bot that executes several trades with BTC and earns a profit from these. However, they have not presented any information about said bot or its designated code.

To sum up this claim, one of the main concerns that have been brought out here is that users do not get to withdraw the BTC which they themselves have staked. However, BitConnect does allow users to make withdrawals from their daily interest.

Thanks to the effects of compounding interest, users can withdraw the BTC equivalent of their initial investment in around 6 to 10 months.

Meanwhile, the trading bot claim could explain how BitConnect maintains its alleged average interest per day. But with no concrete evidence being offered to show that this trading bot is real, believing it is a bit of a long shot, which brings us to the second claim.

#2. The source code of the alleged trading bot has not been revealed to the public, therefore, the trading bot is a fake

This does appear to be a strong argument at face value. But it can be understood that such a code could be worth billions and the incentive to profit off of that would be greater than the incentive to gain the trust of the public.

BitConnect may well contain such a source code. Are they just not interested in revealing it?

#3. Why can you only purchase BCC on BitConnect’s own exchange? They could be rigging the coin value

As it turns out, BitConnect is not the only exchange where you can trade BCC. There are other options like Novaexchange and Livecoin. Among the exchanges that have expressed hesitation to open themselves to BCC trading is Bittrex, and in the eyes of many, they have made the right call.

BitConnect’s coin value is on the rise simply because of the increasing number of participants in its Lending Program. Also, BCC is useful for little else apart from lending, so it follows that most of the coins are traded through BitConnect’s exchange.

#4. BitConnect attracts new customers with the help of its affiliate program which is effectively a pyramid scheme

First of all, you may be unfamiliar with what a pyramid scheme is. It is a program where the profit gained with the addition of new members is more whencompared to the profit gained by selling a product or service. In the case of BitConnect, the daily earnings of members appear to be coming from the Lending Program rather than the affiliate program.

#5. The founders of BitConnect remain anonymous to make it easier for them to defy the law in the event of their cryptocurrency collapsing

This is possibly the most sensational claim of them all. After all, Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in the world and has been since it was started back in 2009. Yet, no one has uncovered the true identity of ‘Satoshi Nakamoto.’ That said,however, every other cryptocurrency has made no secret who its founders are and there could well be some shady activity underlying the case with BitConnect.

It is not clear outright whether BitConnect is a scam, but there is enough smoke surrounding it to point many traders and experts in the opposite direction. If you are a trader playing it safe, you will probably hold onto your funds until a concrete verdict has been reached.

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal

With the growth of cryptocurrencies, more and more traders are looking for ways to buy crypto. Every investor has his own favorite payment method and one of the most popular one is Paypal. We will show you how you can buy bitcoin with paypal.

You may have stumbled upon this article without being fully aware of what cryptocurrencies really are, given that their relevance to global online trading is still quite recent. If you already know the basics, then skip to point 3.

So before we really get into explaining how Bitcoin can be acquired into your PayPal account, we will take it in turns to describe them both in full.

1) What is a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO) work, for all intents and purposes, like the paper money that we are familiar with except for one very noticeable distinction: their intangibility.

  • A cryptocurrency or digital currency is a means of exchange used for trading purely information, in a process based on specific cryptographic principles.
  • Cryptography itself is what secures transaction and controls the production of new coins.
  • You may have already heard about bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency created back in 2009.
  • Now there are several hundred other cryptocurrencies that have popped up, which are collectively known as Altcoins. However,bitcoin remains to this day the most popular cryptocurrency in existence.

There are some other key differences to be mindful of when comparing cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. They are not under any regulation by a centralized banking system. Rather, they are entirely decentralized.

Many have been configured to gradually lower their production to generate a market cap.

Bitcoin, for instance, will never exist in excess of 21 million coins. In the case of fiat currencies, there is always the possibility of creating more, which explains inflation for the most part.

The actual system by which all cryptocurrencies operate was developed by one Satoshi Nakamoto.

2) What is PayPal?

bitcoin with paypalUnlike cryptocurrencies, there is a lot less orientation required for you to understand PayPal. It is basically a financial service that offers you a safe and secure online account through which you can make your purchases.

You just need to provide details of your bank account, credit and debit cards, and you are good to go.

With PayPal, you can conduct transactions with a wide variety of places including petrol stations, retail traders, and restaurants. But you can also be paid in addition to paying.

Whatever funds you receive via PayPal will remain in your PayPal account until you use them to pay for something or have them transferred to your bank accounts/cards.

There is also the possibility of a fee being charged whenever funds are deposited into your PayPal account, for instance, when you make a sale on eBay. However, most of its functions are on hand free of any commissions.

You can even freely transfer funds to your friends and family members,as long as it uses the same currency.

3) Buying Bitcoin with PayPal

As we mentioned earlier in our description of cryptocurrencies, they are a rather recent addition to the online trading community. In fact, not even a decade has passed since the arrival of bitcoin, the oldest and most widespread cryptocurrency around.

Ever since its arrival, our methods of acquiring it have been steadily increasing and improving. Now there are several ways of consolidating cryptocurrencies that have been proven to carry immense profit potential.

Even so, it is understandable that traders would prefer to purchase cryptocurrencies without being burdened with the task of using mining equipment, creating accounts with exchanges, and having to endure processes of verification.

The more liberal investors prefer to rely on payment mechanisms they are already comfortable with, like PayPal. However, make no mistake, purchasing cryptocurrencies with PayPal is easier said than done. But it is not entirely impossible and that is what you should be counting on.

4) How hard can it be?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way of acquiring cryptocurrencies using PayPal. The solution to that is yet to be found. However, thereare other, albeit less elegant but still effective ways of doing it.

To make things easier, let us focus momentarily on the most lucrative cryptocurrency there is right now, bitcoin, and use it as an example to shed some light on the general state of trading that involves the purchase of cryptocurrencies using the services of PayPal.

In the case of bitcoin, it actually happens to be in direct competition with PayPal. Also, part of trading in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is accepting the reality of no chargebacks, and falling victim to fraudulent commissions since your account could make an attractive target for online hackers.

5) Hard or soft?

The level difficulty with which you buy cryptocurrencies using PayPal has a lot to do with whether or not your choice of cryptocurrency is hard or soft. The defining feature with hard cryptocurrencies is that they do not facilitate the reversal of a transaction. Bitcoin, for instance, is a hard cryptocurrency. Besides, PayPal is not exactly fond of having its platform used to purchase bitcoins which could land you in a spot of bother.

If your cryptocurrency of choice falls into the soft category- that means it does allow for the reversal of payments- and for that, you can use methods like PayPal and credit cards.

Are there ways to soften hard cryptocurrencies? Yes, there are, by use of a reliable intermediary or an escrow service.

6) Alternatives To Buying Bitcoin With Paypal – VirWox

It is important to note that PayPal does allow the use of Second Life Lindens (SLLs) to make purchases with hard cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The demand for SLLs has seen several exchanges include it among their services and the best of them all so far has turned out to be VirWox. Although it is, in fact, the best exchange, it does not exactly operate like a full-on exchange. Rather, it offers the well-known Second Life game as a way of purchasing in-game collectibles. The game actually creates enough of a gray area where you can use in-game funds to purchase virtual funds.

7) Other considerations

If you are a forex trader, consider opening an account with something like Plus500 that is compatible with both PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

Paxful is another independent service that allows you to open an account, seek traders, and make transactions between PayPal accounts for hard cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There is even an escrow service here that increases security for traders.

If you are looking for other alternatives, you could deposit with paypal to cryptocurrency brokers and start trading Bitcoin and other coins.


Yet for all this, there is still some way to go before the purchasing of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with PayPal becomes a no-brainer. The existing methods will continue to improve as demand increases.

Trends in Binary Options

If you rely primarily upon technical analysis to make your trades, it is quite probable that trend analysis will be quite important to you. In short, trend analysis is the determination of the price movement for an asset, dependent upon the trend lines marked on a chart. There is a great deal of talk about trends which may have you wondering precisely how to spot a trend in binary options. Well, here are some tips on how you can identify a trend that may be emerging and how you can use this to your advantage:

Drawing the Trend Lines

Remember those trend lines that were mentioned? Well, they can essentially be divided into two types. There is the bearish line and the bullish line. The bearish line can be drawn between the two highest price points on a chart.

If the all of the candlesticks are present below this line, then trend is most likely to bearish – hence, moving up. On the other hand, the bullish trend can be determined by looking at the two lowest price points on the chart and drawing a connecting line. If the candlesticks remain below this line, the trend is bullish.



Once this is done, it is a matter of plotting the resistance and the support line to truly be able to determine the direction of the movement. The resistance line is representative of the highest points of the price points of your asset. Therefore, if the trend line is above this point, the trend is moving in an upwards direction. The support line, on the other hand, marks the lowest price points of an asset. If the trend line falls below the support line, the trend is said to be in a downwards position.

The Third ‘Trend’

Now, it is not actually considered as a trend by many traders. Therefore, it isn’t really taken into account in most instances. Nonetheless, you should be aware of it. This third trend can be identified by what takes in places between the price hikes or lows. These are periods of stagnation. There are typically depicted by flat lines which indicate that the price is neither moving up nor down.

Understanding the Importance of Reversals

As you well know, nothing lasts forever. This means that regardless of whether the value of an asset is rising or dropping, it is not going to last. At some point, the trend is going to change direction. This is known as a trend reversal – the point at which one trend expires and another begins. Now, it is vital that you identify the initial trend. After all, this is how you know when to enter a trade. At the same time, you should also know when trend reversal is about to take place. This will provide you with the information that you need to determine when your trade expires. Remember, when the trend no longer exists, the conditions of your trade become false. This is why you need to get ahead of it.

One way that you can do this is look at the highs and lows of each trend. For instance, let’s consider an upward trend. If this trend doesn’t result in a new high, this may be a good indicator that a reversal is about to take place. It is important to understand that this doesn’t actually signify the end of a trend. However, it could hint at events that may be coming.

These are some of the things that you should be aware of with how to spot a trend in binary options. You should always establish that a trend has, in fact, been identified before you place a trade.

How To Overcome Trading Fears

What’s stopping you from investing in the stock market?

Despite the evidence of some fairly sizable ‘push factors’ – namely super-low interest rates crippling the benefits to be had from savings accounts and a series of measures making it tougher to accrue an income as a buy to let landlord – many of us fear taking the plunge and putting our money in the hands of the markets.

In some respects, this appears to be a generational issue. The ‘baby boomers’ have been well-versed in making their money go further through stocks and shares but millennials have not.

That was certainly the finding of an American study carried out by Bankrate.com.
It discovered that only 26 per cent of under-30s are investing in stocks – compared to 58 per cent of people aged between 50 and 64.

While a lack of money was a problem – 38 per cent of 18-30s felt that they didn’t know enough about the market, the highest proportion of all categories asked. In a separate study, reported by USA Today, only nine per cent of millennials would describe themselves as ‘investors’. It’s likely that the recession – sparked by the banking crisis – is fresh in the minds of these nervous investors as it has had a significant impact on their adult life.

A lack of knowledge – and a more cautious mindset – are important factors, therefore.Yet as fed up millennials search for ways to make their money go further, what might help them to feel more confident about the potential in the market?

Here’s some food for thought:

Step 1: You don’t have to risk thousands

Ok, so young people don’t feel like they have big pots of cash to invest. But it’s important to realise that you can still get a decent return from a relatively modest sum.

As The Guardian notes, as little as £50 a month can be invested in unit trusts. It quoted Justin Modray at Candid Money, who advised:

“Look for a fund that spreads your money across a blend of shares, corporate bonds, commercial property and commodities to reduce risk.”

The article also demonstrates how investing £100 a month in a FTSE 100 tracker that returned 5% a year after inflation, would deliver about £88,000 after 30 years, or £152,000 after 40 years. Seeing the large potential reward to be had from putting money into the markets (while still appreciating the risk) is important to win over those who have not yet taken the plunge.

Step 2: Learn the lingo

Don’t know your futures from your forex? Sometimes it can feel like the market speaks a different language to the rest of us – and this might be why so many millennials feel in the dark. This is where sites such as Investopedia can come in incredibly handy – with handy definitions and descriptions of all the key terms you’ll come across. Many of these are easier to understand than they sound.

Step 3: Try before you buy

Would a trial run make you feel more confident? Providers such as IG offer you the chance to run a demo trading account, practicing trading CFDs and spread betting with virtual funds. You’ll see the same charts and data as you would when you’ve put real money into the market – but will get a chance to see what would happen without the risk of losing a penny.

This experience, a greater knowledge of the terminology and an appreciation that relatively small amounts can deliver a decent return should help those who harbor a fear of trading, especially among a younger generation that is reticent to dip its toe into the market.

How to Prevent the Risk of Overtrading

You may have noticed that there are some binary options traders who flame out quite quickly, burning through the money that they have accumulated. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon tendency among traders.

One of the more widespread reasons for such an occurrence is the indulgence in overtrading. The traders get carried away and trade either in large volumes or place numerous trades within a short period of time. Doing so, however, is more akin to gambling than it is to trading. This is because the outcome of such a venture is often unavoidable – losing money. If you are looking to avoid this, here is how to prevent the risk of overtrading:

Have a Plan, Stick to It

It is going to be quite difficult to navigate the markets in a meaningful way if you don’t have a plan. Before you place your first trade, it is important to have constructed a strategy for yourself. This should include how you will manage your capital and your finances.

For instance, how much of your overall capital are you willing to spend on any one trade? What will you do with your profits? You will also need to figure out the average time period of your trades.

It can be difficult to conclude on how many trades that you can execute within any time period. Nonetheless, it is important to set a limit for yourself. As long as you remain within the boundaries that you have created for yourself, you will be able to prevent any unnecessary losses. Perhaps what is more challenging than creating a plan is actually sticking to it.This is just as significant as coming up with a strategy itself.

Don’t Let Your Mental State Get the Better of You

Even if you are not the type of trader who is prone to overtrading, you may feel that there are instances when this is justified. This happens when one of two things happen. The first scenario is when you hit a winning streak.

As you seem to be placing trade after trade that it is ending up in the money, you feel as though you should make as many trades as possible. However, placing trades simply for the sake of it will not yield the same results as you previous strategy did.

Therefore, you may quickly find yourself losing money. Now the other set of circumstances is when you are suddenly losing all of the trades that you are placing. This can be a difficult pill to swallow. It is easy to imagine that the only way you can overcome such a dismal streak is to keep placing more and more trades. The sad truth is you will just probably continue to lose money. By the time that you actually start winning trades, it may not be enough to make up for the losses.

The Fear of a Missed Opportunity is Not Justified

Another reason that people may feel the need to overtrade is because they feel that they may be missing out on an opportunity. Therefore, they trade as much as they can to take full advantage of any chances there may be. Now, it is quite possible that you may miss a particular opportunistic trade here or there.

This is inevitable, nonetheless. It is also not that big of a deal – such trades are rarely monumental and really do not warrant overtrading. It is much better to miss a couple of trades rather than waste a lot of money waiting for the right circumstances to come along.

These are a few of the ways you can prevent the risk of overtrading. It is important to realize that, in the end, it is only you who has all of the control and can avoid this situation.

Forex Trading Risk Management

forex risk managementThere is no denying that there is a certain amount of risk when trading forex. With every trade that you make, there is always a possibility that you will lose some money.

So, the next step would be figuring out how to manage risk with forex trading. This can help to prevent you from losing money or, at the very least, minimize how much you end up losing. Here is how you can do the forex risk management:

Have a Money Management System

One of the main reasons that forex traders have to give up so early on in their careers is because they end emptying out their account. You should avoid doing so at all costs. So, what can you do to prevent this? Well, first, you should never use money then you are willing to lose in one trade. If, in comparison to the rest of the amount, you can’t justify the amount, you should lower it.

At the same time, you will also need to think about how risky a particular trade is. You can feel comfortable with putting a greater amount on a low-risk trade. However, if the odds aren’t in your favor, you should only trade with a minimal amount or not at all.

Practice on a Demo Account

There are numerous forex brokers that offer their traders the use of a demo account. If you have this opportunity, you should definitely take it. A demo account lets you place theoretical trades without having to put money up as collateral. This way, you get to see what techniques and systems work for you and which ones don’t. As you continue to practice, you will learn more and more. Therefore, when it comes to a real trade, you will be much more prepared and much less likely to make mistakes.

Do Your Research

One of the most common misconceptions regarding forex trading is that it is easy. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. When traders make this claim, what they really mean is that is relatively simple (and affordable) to enter the market.

The actual trades, however, are far from simple. You should be aware of the various forex markets as well as what factors will impact them the most. You will also need to be on top of new regulations, changing situations, and news from around the world. This, coupled with experience, will prevent you from falling into numerous pitfalls.

Be Careful with Leverage

Another common folly among new traders is not controlling their use of leverage. On the surface, leverage can seem like the ultimate weapon. It gives you the opportunity to make a considerable profit after only making a minor investment. At the same time, it is quite easy for the tables to turn on you. Remember, leverage can cause your losses to be amplified quite a bit, throwing you into debt. So, when choosing your position size, keep your account in mind. If you don’t have a lot of capital, keep your positional minimal. It will prevent you from losing more than you can afford.

Use Stop Loss Features

One of the main benefits of forex trading is the Stop Loss feature. This is when you give an order to close out your trading position when you have lost a certain amount of money. As mentioned before, you need to decide just how much you can stand to lose. Once you have decided this, the stop loss order will ensure that you will not have to give away any more than you are capable of. You can think of stop loss as a safety net.

These are just some of the techniques involved in how to manage risk with forex trading. While it is not a comprehensive guide, it does provide you with the most significant points.