FCA Regulated Binary Options Brokers

fca regulated binary options brokersEverybody is looking for legit and regulated binary options brokers and the FCA is one of hte most trusted authorities. We will show you which binary options brokers are regulated by the FCA.

Binary options brokers that are situated within the UK or catering to UK residents need to be registered by the Financial Conduct Authority. This is a regulatory body in the UK that is responsible for dictating the practices and activities that any UK binary options broker needs to adhere to.

Dear visitor: This page contains old information. Update: no binary options broker is currently regulated by the FCA.

Only if the brokers in question follow these regulations will they be given the necessary permission to continue with their activities. Traders prefer to place trades with registered brokers as this is a good way to be able to differentiate between legitimate and inauthentic brokers. Furthermore, it also ensures that these brokers will tend to be more ethical and will also have the necessary security protocols in place. Here are some of the best binary options brokers regulated by the FCA:


24optionIn addition to being registered with the FCA, 24Option is also licensed by CySEC. 24Option is a joint operation that is conducted both by Rodeler Limited, situated in Cyprus, and Richfield Capital Limited, located in Belize.

By way of Rodeler Limited, which is allowed to offer services to individuals in the EU, 24Option has been registered with the FCA. There is a statement by the FCA acknowledging that this broker is actually registered with the agency. 24Option is not just recognized by important authorities, it is also considered to be one of the best binary options brokers around.

It offers traders in the UK and the EU fair services, plenty of assets to choose from, and a top notch trading platform.


Banc De Binary

bancdebinaryBanc De Binary Limited is another well-known and celebrated binary options broker. This European broker has actually won many awards. Of course, what makes it quite so trustworthy is the fact that it has received a license from CySEC and been registered with the FCA as well.

Although Banc De Binary does not operate within the UK, it is overseen by Ash Limited, which is a company situated in Bulgaria. However, as it is licensed by an entity recognized by the EU, it has received the approval of the FCA as well. Banc De Binary provides excellent minimum deposit options, alluring accounts, and high pay out rates. It also offers a great deal in terms of asset options as well.



anyoptionAnyOption holds an impressive number of licenses and registrations. Not only is it licensed by the CySEC, it also has a license from the FSB. In addition to being registered with the FCA, AnyOption is also registered with CONSOB. It is managed by the Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd, which is the company that holds the FCA registration. This is because this company is regulated by an authority present within the EU.

AnyOption has certainly managed to create quite the reputation for itself. Not only does it cater to numerous countries across the world, it also offers an enticingly user-friendly and unique trading platform. It has also proven to produce high pay out rates and profits.

Not only are the above brokers registered with the FCA, they are also some of the best binary options brokers around. They are legitimate entities that provide high quality services to individuals within and outside of the United Kingdom.


Binary Options Brokers Regulated by the FCA

Finding legitimate and regulated binary options brokers is crucial for traders and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is one of the most trusted authorities in this industry.

Binary options brokers operating in or targeting UK residents must be registered with the FCA which sets out the regulations and practices they must adhere to.

Choosing registered brokers is important for traders to ensure ethical practices and enhanced security measures.

Two such brokers regulated by the FCA are 24Option and Banc De Binary. 24Option is registered with the FCA through Rodeler Limited and offers a top-notch trading platform and a wide range of assets.

Banc De Binary licensed by CySEC and registered with the FCA through Ash Limited is celebrated for its numerous awards attractive account options and high payout rates.

Another trusted broker is AnyOption registered with the FCA through Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd.

AnyOption is also licensed by CySEC and registered with CONSOB.

It offers a user-friendly trading platform and has a reputation for high payouts.

These brokers are known for their quality services and cater to clients within and outside the UK.

Page Updated: October 12, 2023

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  1. Binary options are NOT regulated by the FCA in the UK. Any site claiming that they are should not be trusted.

    Check the FCA’s website!

  2. suppose any people have non resident uk then he/she can live in uk but not resident so they will open binary account…
    shall they open account??
    what rules binary option about non resident and tax pay…
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