What is a Professional Day Trader

A professional day trader is anyone who day trades, and creates enough profits to provide for their lifestyle on a consistent basis.  There are multiple ways to do this, but the majority of professional day traders work for a company that allows them to trade firm capital, and then take a percentage of the profits as their own.

In the past this was done at large banking institutions but, the Volker rule passed in 2010 largely separated the proprietary trading desks from the banks.  In response, some of these desks were spun off into separate hedge funds and proprietary trading firms.  Today, most professional trading is done at hedge funds and proprietary trading firms, and a person need not always have past professional trading experience to land a job.  Many proprietary trading firms will allow a trader to open an account, give the trader an initial buying power, and either let them grow in the firm’s trading system, or let the trader use their own methods.

At Howwetrade, our trading group trades with a proprietary brokerage firm.  That means that we offer traders the ability to open a proprietary brokerage account and trade firm capital.  The benefit of this to traders is that they get an account with one of the largest proprietary brokerages in the industry, with all the professional resources and benefits they offer.  Traders are then allowed to keep the majority of the profits they generate, using firm capital!

We have a professional trading group with mentors that will work with traders if the person desires, and all traders have access to our chat room and squawk so everyone is keeping up with the action we are seeing in the market.  Many people in our group have years of experience, and traders usually find the chats very helpful.

We love to help people with a passion for trading expand their skill set, and hopefully help them achieve greater profits through lower transaction fees, and greater buying power than they are being offered at their current brokerage.

If you are a professional trader already, or if you have a passion for trading and are looking for a way to boost your trading career to the next level, contact us and let us know a little about your trading style and if you are interested in joining our group.

Daniel Major

B.S. Degree in Economics and Finance. Professional day trader. Live and work in Manhattan, NY, NY.

Page Updated: February 2, 2013

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