Minimize Risks in Binary Options


Binary options trading is a risky investment, so you want to make sure that you take steps to minimize these risks. If trade carelessly, without taking any precaution steps, you will find yourself losing a lot of money. The following are seven tips on how you can reduce the risks in binary options trading.

1. Money Management

You have to get disciplined in money management, because you will be the one deciding how much money you want to invest into the binary trading. Getting disciplined in money managements means you are to set a limit for how many wins and losses are to be allowed in one day. You must, by no means, control yourself and stop trading when the limit you have proposed is reached. You can make a proposal to yourself to stop trading based on the number of wins/losses, percentage of losses, amount of wins/losses and winning ratio. For example, you can propose to yourself to stop trading when you win 10 times/lose 5 times.

2. Trade on a Small Amount

As a rule of thumb, you should always trade in small amounts, no matter how high the ROI rate is. It can be tempting to invest all the money in your trading account when the broker offers a high ROI of 95%, but it is better not to do so. This is because you won’t make the right prediction every time in reality. For example, if you $300 in your account, you should start by just trading $30 in each trade. Trading in small amounts can help you to accumulate into a large amount of profits over time while minimizing your losses at the same time.

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3. Choose a Broker with High Out-of-Money Rate

You should choose a broker that offers some refund for trades that end out-of-money. For example, the broker may offer a refund 10% for out of money trades. This means that you will get back 10% of the capital you invested, if you lose the trade. To find out how much return rate the broker offers, you can check the FAQ section or ask the representative.

4. Monitor the News in the Market

It is essential that you perform a research by using technical analysis tools and monitoring the news in the market, if you want to increase the chances of making a correct prediction. The source of the financial news you rely on, must be up to date. You should get educated on binary options trading by reading books and watching tutorial videos.

5. Implements Hedging Strategy

The hedging strategy requires you to place a trade in both, the call and put positions, to reduce the risks in a volatile market. You will have to predict the highest or lowest level within a certain trading period. The best trading period would be when the movement of the price is within the symmetric channel. You should place a put when the price touch the previous high resistant level and place a call when it touches the previous low support.

6. Choose a Broker with Sell Back Feature

There are a number of brokers that offer the sell back feature on the platform. The sell back feature allows you to end your trade prior to the expiry if you know that you have predicted the wrong direction and will lose. Using the sell back option can help you to get back a portion of your capital that range from 40% – 60%. Although you didn’t get back the full amount of your capital, you still manage to get back almost half of your capital. This is better than you end up with nothing in the event that your trade end out-of-money.

7. Diversify Your Portfolio

You can also reduce your risks by diversifying your trades across different types of asset classes. For example, you can trade on stocks while trading on forex currency pair on a single brokerage account. Apart from diversifying the asset classes, you should also diversify your trading strategies. You can implement both short term and long term trading strategies to reduce your risk.

The key to success in binary trading is to maintain a balance in between the profits and risks. You should always set a budget before executing a binary options trading activity.

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