24option 1 Risk Free Trade

About the promotion 1 RISK FREE TRADE: It does not exist anymore. The new name is: money-back guarantee on 1 trade.

24option is a broker that has one of the highest ratings in the world of binary options trades. The broker is offering 1 trade with money back guarantee.This means that if you lose your first trade, they will give you your money back. If you win the trade, you keep the money.

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They have a service standard that ensures comfort with the traders working with them, and there is no feeling of being overwhelmed by the options offered. This is one of the few brokers out there that actually puts new users at ease instead of scaring them silly, which is what most of the brokers out there do with their complicated platforms and processes.

Money Back On Your First Trade

With the money back guarantee promotion on the first trade for new users, there is wealth of options to trade in and currencies to use. Some of the assets include precious metals like gold and silver as well as stocks in companies such as BMW or even Google. The market index is taken directly from some of the top market software in the world such as DAX and NASDAQ. The assets available with this broker are established and secure, and are therefore able to be traded on without much worry at all.

How The Money-Back Guarantee Works

While every trader loves working with boundary options, the high yield options offered by 24option are great, especially when you think about using the trade for these to go large. You don’t have to worry about losing out, of course. The first trade that you make is going to be absolutely cleared of any and all risk. If you can predict the fate of the option that you have placed money on, and the prediction is correct, you make a pretty great profit based on the option type. You get to keep everything you earn as well. However, if you predicted it wrong and there isn’t a profit made, the broker actually refunds your account with the money you used to invest in that asset*. This money will be bonus money.

The withdrawals of your earnings can be done through any of the ways 24option specified to you. You have to provide them with proof of ID to keep the transaction very secure indeed.

Easy Platform With Great Offers

The platform offered by the 24option broker is one of the easiest to learn and use out there, and it is very beneficial to all of the clients who work with it. There are many trading options available and a very low requirement for the minimum deposit. Even if you are a trader on a budget, this broker has the options to suit your trading needs. The best part about this broker is the range of options that it offers to the newly signing up users on the platform.

For example, there is currently a promotional offer going on at 24option where new users who deposit any amount into their account are granted 1 trade with a money-back guarantee. This isn’t offered by any broker out there, and is definitely a very attractive offer indeed. If this isn’t enough to make you trade with them, there is also the fact that they work with the TechFinancials software platform, which is one of the most extensive, easy to use and beginner-friendly platforms on the market, with mobile adaptation available as well.

Licensed, Regulated and Secured

The company has been around since the year 2010 making it one of the older brokers out on the market, and is located in Cyprus. It is licensed by CySec, one of the best regulatory bodies out there, and because of this regulation it is typically not allowed for traders from the US, Australia and a couple of other countries to work with this broker. However, the trades can be conducted in currencies such as EUR, GBP, Yen and USD among others.

In addition to the exciting promotions available to the traders who trade on the 24option platform, there is also the chance to enjoy bonus pay outs with the actual win on the trade. These can be as much as 100% of the amount earned. Couple this with the return rate to traders of just under 91%, and you have one of the more versatile, friendly and beneficial platforms to traders who are either new or experienced.


*Terms and Conditions apply and you could lose your investment.

About Risk-Free Trades

One of the standout features of 24option is their risk-free trade opportunity.

This promotion allows traders to make a trade without risking their own funds.

If the trade is successful and the prediction is correct the trader keeps the profit.

However if the trade is unsuccessful and the prediction is wrong the money is returned to the trader’s account as bonus money.

Risk-free trades can be accessed through a VIP account or by participating in promotional offers.

It is important for traders to use risk-free trades strategically such as during volatile market conditions or important news releases.

However it is crucial not to rely solely on risk-free trades as a source of income but rather as a tool to improve trading efficiency.

The number of risk-free trades received depends on the amount deposited or the turnover in the last 30 days.

Page Updated: October 12, 2023

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