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We are accepting guest posts from external writers. You don’t have to pay anything to get accepted. If you want to share your thoughts, strategies or tips let us know. Here are our conditions:

1) Word count: 700+ (We prefer 1500+ word quality articles)
2) Content must be unique, written for our website (we check each article – REALLY!!!).
3) We are currently only looking for “how to” articles related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency, ICOs, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, general trading, investing, how to make money, forex trading or CFD trading.
4) All links will be nofollow. Our blog is 100% google guidelines compliant.
5) We do not accept any payments for dofollow links. There is no way to get a sponsored link on our website.

*We reserve the right to modify the article you send us: this includes modifying the text (including the complete deletion of the article at a later time if we think it’s not good enough), the title, the URL or the link it contains.

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Page Updated: June 5, 2018

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