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risk free trades

The good brokers out there are constantly trying to improve the art of trading for their clients. Risk free trades that they offer to traders are one of these ways. It is basically a type of practice trade with the huge difference that it leads to real earnings.

The best part about the trades that are offered by companies like Tropical Trade is that you don’t lose anything from your initial deposit when you make a bad decision on your risk free trade. It is pretty cool that the broker offers some risk free trades as a bonus for signing up.

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Of course, this isn’t an offer that comes every month or so. It is a one-time thing so you have to take advantage of it in the best way that you can. The risk free trades that Tropical Trade gives to a new user are very useful if you can make use of them wisely. This isn’t the only bonus offered by the broker, of course, but it is definitely one of the most attractive.

Info On The TropicalTrade Risk Free Trades

While Tropical Trade doesn’t have a demo account for new traders, it does have a bunch of bonuses upon signing up. Any new trader is offered the risk free trades, no matter what the deposit you make is. The best part is that each of these trades has the ability to give you real money in return if you play your cards wisely. If you don’t, you still don’t lose any money. It is a win-win situation!

Of course, you can’t simply win and take the money, leaving Tropical Trade with nothing to gain from this. This means that you have to satisfy certain conditions before being able to withdraw the earnings from your risk-free trades. You have to trade up to 30x the volume of the bonus payments that you have received from these trades.

Other Bonuses To Enjoy With Tropical Trade

While there aren’t too many other bonuses offered by this broker, what they do have is pretty good. For example, you can get a bonus of 100% (up to this value) just by signing up! You can also get additional bonuses of up to 1500% if you play the right trades and do the right actions at the right times. This comes through mastery, so you have to keep practicing.

You also get access to a ton of free educational material including the ebooks, a glossary of all the technical jargon that you learn using the trades on the site, and an introduction to the platform that is used by Tropical Trade, which is the Panda Software. Don’t worry, this is easy enough to learn and you should be using your trades in no time at all.

How To Get The Risk Free Trades

There are actually multiple account types available for people investing in Tropical Trade, and while they are all at varying deposit amounts they all have one common factor. Anyone who signs up with the broker gets the 5 risk free trades. The best part is that it doesn’t matter how much you deposit to make this happen. The trades are gifted simply for signing up with them and funding your account.

There are 5 types of accounts that you can create with Tropical Trade – the basic account is for the new traders, with a deposit of up to $1000, the pro account is for people depositing up to $5000, the expert account is for those putting up to $10000 into the account and the VIP account is for deposits of up to $25000. There is also the corporate account but that is for companies that have a massive amount of capital to invest in their trades.

How To Withdraw The Risk-Free Earnings

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, the same types of methods can be used. The typical methods that Tropical Trade uses are the standard debit and credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, along with Solo, Switch, Delta, and Maestro. You can also make the withdrawal of your gains through your risk free trades using a bank transfer. Payments are sent in very fast and can be processed without too much hassle.


Page Updated: May 30, 2016

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