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HowWeTrade has decided to offer everyone here MarketClub, an important tool that we use daily in our own trading. Marketclub trade software identifies entry and exit points. Marketclub is an online charting platform designed to give clear indicators of when to enter and exit trades at optimal times. Using the trade triangle indicators consistently outperforms a lot of other strategies for us, so we use it. We trade mostly stocks but these indicators can be applied to stocks, futures, commodities, and forex securities if those are what you trade. So here’s what we are offering you guys.

If you fill in the short form below you will get 2 weeks access for free. No credit card is required for the trial. All you need for instant access is to fill in the form below. Here’s what you do to get started:

1. Completely fill in the form below and press Start Trial. No additional information will be asked.
2. You will instantly be emailed a username and password.
3. Log into the online platform and check out the trade indicators!





































Why We Love It

1. MarketClub makes spotting the top trends much easier. Its way easier than a traditional filter. Easily spot entries and exit opportunities!


2. The charting software is top notch, there are a number of preference settings.

3. The weekly indicators with 100 trade ratings will become a profitable trade a very high percentage of the time. We like to exit the position before the next signal as we feel identifying entries is really where the most value is in MarketClub. We like to take the profit and move on to the next trade.

4. It lets you be creative. The indicators provide a good guide post, and you can adapt your strategy around them.

5. Marketclub will send me alerts when my stock has a trade indicator.

One of our favorite features is data central, which truly lives up to its name and allows you to back- test and review tons of data to refine your trading strategy. The platform uses proprietary algorithms to identify optimal entries and exits, but you can refine how they are applied and where you use them. You can back test, test live, and use smart scan and filter technology to sort through the over 300,000 symbols tracked. We obviously recommend that you spend some time here before you trade live. For more information about how we use this information effectively, just send us a message and ask. If this isn’t your thing its no big deal either, simply bring up your favorite charts and watch for trade entries.

What marketclub is: A platform with proprietary indicators designed to give you an edge in your trading. Think of it as super advanced charting software.

What Marketclub is not: A brokerage or a platform that you can actually send orders to the market. You will still need to place trades in your own brokerage account.

This is designed to be used in a trending market, or more precisely it is designed to identify entries and exits for securities that have potential for a trend trade. If you observe that the symbol you are trading is trading very choppily, or is likely to trade choppily for a long time, we recommend that you use a very short time period chart in MarketClub, or use a scalping strategy. That link provides a good basic tutorial of what scalping is.

Despite what countless spam emails will have you believe, we also recommend that you stay away from anything that is a micro-cap otherwise known as a “penny stock”. Unless you are a very experienced trader and know exactly what you are doing they are way to risky and not nearly reliable enough to trade systematically.

Don’t forget to let us know if you like Marketclub and/or HowWeTrade, and are interested in accessing more of our knowledge and resources. Fill out the form to the right with your contact information and we will reach out to you regarding anything you need to become the daytrader you want to be.

Page Updated: April 25, 2016

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