What is Direct Market Access? Why is it Good?

Direct market access means that traders have access to various ECNs to source liquidity, and traders are able to get all rebates and fees passed through to them for trading over these markets.  We offer direct market access to BATS (BATSBZX and BATSBYX), Direct Edge (EDGX and EDGA), NASDAQ,  ARCA, The New York Stock Exchange, and Others.  We also offer access to many dark pools and mixed routing strategies so you can source liquidity from many market locations to optimize your fills.  Check out the fee structures for some markets like BATS BZX Exchange.  These rebates can add up to significant savings.

Daniel Major

B.S. Degree in Economics and Finance. Professional day trader. Live and work in Manhattan, NY, NY.

Page Updated: September 8, 2013

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