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HowWeTrade is here to serve you, the trader. As part of our ongoing effort to bring you the most up to date and useful information on becoming a successful day trader, we have decided to share from time to time items that we find interesting in the markets. Hopefully you find it interesting as well, and more importantly, hopefully you can use it in your trading.

We recommend that if you are looking for trading ideas you first check out INO’s top stock list. Just fill in your name and email in the form. It is free and no further information is required.

This is a daily list of the 50 top trending stocks determined through their proprietary trading models. If you are working to develop a system, or are looking for trending stocks to trade, this is a much more effective tool than using a standard screener.

INO and Marketclub have a proven track record of success in their models and while no trader should blindly trade every stock an indicator may bring up, it does narrow down a large universe of possibilities into something that we can actually use in our trading.

We especially pay attention to the top 10-15 stocks on the list. One recommendation we make is to ignore stocks that are less than $5 in price and stocks that trade fewer than 500k shares per day because we find them to trade too randomly for our liking. If you can pick out the highest probability trades from this list though it is an excellent tool for every traders box.


Page Updated: April 25, 2016

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