IQ Option Minimum Deposit

iqoption minimum depositIQ Option binary options trading platform has been operating online since 2013. Since then, this broker has grown to be quite well recognized and respected. But what is the minimum deposit on IQ Option?


This is particularly due to the fact that it is one of the few regulated brokers around. While the standing of a broker is certainly important, there are other aspects a trader considers when choosing a specific broker. In many instances, traders look at the various services surrounding the depositing mechanism of a platform. Let’s ascertain what the policies are with IQ Option:

IQOption Minimum Deposit

IQ Option has one of the lowest minimum deposits required of traders among brokers. For a mere $10, traders have the option of opening up an account with the broker. This account has been termed the Real Account.

Once the amount has been deposited, traders have access to a variety of services. At the time of sign up, traders can be offered up to 80 percent in bonuses. The bonuses may also be present when the trader next deposits money as well. In fact, with IQ Option, traders have the chance to receive a bonus each time they make a deposit into their account.

The traders can also earn cashback up to 45 percent. They also have access to weekly webinars that are held.

These are the advantages afforded to those who choose to deposit just $10 in their account. For traders who prefer to deposit upwards of $100, there are more services offered. For instance, traders are provided with access to free trading signals.

There is only one other account available with IQ Option. This requires traders to deposit at least a $1000. This VIP account provides traders with a larger variety of services provided by the brokers, including a personal account manager.

Deposit Methods

With IQ Option, traders have the ability to choose from many different payment options. This includes bank wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, and Neteller. IQ Option prefers to use the financial affiliates that have been designated by them for purposes of depositing money.

Typically, traders do not experience any fees or charges when using either credit cards or online payment methods. There may be charges levied, however, with bank wire transfers. In these instances, the trader is responsible for paying these fees.

When traders make deposits, they are required to make an enquiry from their ‘personal cabinet’. The trader is required to choose a particular payment method. He or she must then fill in the necessary information. Only then will they be able to continue to the payment portion of the website.

The time that it takes for the money to be deposited in the trader’s account is entirely dependent on the deposit process used. For online transactions, this can vary from being instantaneous to taking a few days. In certain instances, wire transfers can be expected to take up to 45 business days to process.

Minimum Trade Amount

As with the initial deposit amount, IQ Option does not require traders to invest a great deal of money. In fact, they offer one of the best options available for traders who are seeking to invest only a nominal amount. Traders are able to invest just one dollar in a trade. This is true for a single option. This allows traders a wider variety of options in terms of the amount of risk versus reward trades that they would like to partake in. The most amount of money that traders are allowed to place in a single day is $1000.

If you choose to trade with IQ Option, these are the payment options that you need to be aware of. You should know the least amount of money that you can deposit, how you can deposit the money, and some of the other processes involved. Overall, IQ Option offers many good options for traders of all kinds.


IQ Option Minimum Deposit and Deposit Methods

IQ Option offers one of the lowest minimum deposits among brokers with just $10 required to open a Real Account.

Traders who deposit this amount have access to various services including the opportunity to receive bonuses and cashback up to 45 percent.

Deposits can be made using bank wire transfer Visa MasterCard WebMoney Skrill and Neteller with no fees or charges for credit card or online payment method deposits.

However bank wire transfers may incur charges that the trader is responsible for.

The time it takes for the money to be deposited depends on the chosen deposit method ranging from instantaneous for online transactions to up to 45 business days for wire transfers.

Traders are also able to invest just $1 in a trade allowing for a wider range of risk versus reward options.

Page Updated: October 12, 2023

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