How to Start Trading Stocks from Home

traderBack in the day, trading stocks involved taking trips down to the local stock exchange every morning before opening time to check on the progress of different assets.

This was an annoying, time consuming process that simply has no place in the modern world.

However, changes in technology in the present day have led to it being a lot easier to keep track of the market in real time without having to make an annoying trip down to the exchange. If you are wondering how to start trading stocks at home, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can begin trading full time from the comfort of your own home with no hassle at all.

How Binary Options Can Help

The good news for you is that you don’t really need to have much capital to start trading from home. If you are adamant that you want to use the traditional stock market, that is fine too.

Binary options trading is an alternative that could save you a ton of money in the long run. In this form of trading, you open an account with a broker online. This gives you access to a bunch of different assets. These can be stocks, forex, indices and commodities such as gold and precious metals. While in the typical stock market you would have to buy shares in these industries to start trading, binary options is a lot easier.

  1. If the prediction turns out to be true, you win the trade.
  2. Winning grants you up to 95% in returns depending on the broker, which is pretty great. You don’t even need that much capital to begin trading either.
  3. Most binary options brokers only require about $250 to open an account and start trading online. You don’t ever have to leave the comfort of your home and you gain the advantage of not having to deal with high levels of stress being brought into your home too!

There are trades available that you can invest in for as little as $5 per trade. You set a time limit for that trade to expire. After this, you predict whether the value of that asset will rise or fall in the time you have specified.

Trading Stocks can Cost You

One common thought that is a complete misconception is that trading stocks is something that should only be done at banks by professionals with degrees and proper experience. The truth is that you, the average working class citizen, can embark on a trading career as well, with the right type of training. One of the most popular ways for someone to begin trading from home is to start day trading stocks. This method of trading is great for anyone at home with spare time, but it can be a death trap as well. It requires a ton of capital to start trading. The minimum equity required for you to continue trading for home can be as much as $25,000.

If you fall below this equity at any time, you will have to deposit more money into your trading account in order to continue. Most brokerages place a ban on traders as soon as equity falls below the preset amount.

This is very risky indeed, especially if you plan on doing this full time. Of course, there are other ways in which you can start trading without having to maintain such a high level of equity. As you turn to these methods, though, you will realize that your scope is reduced drastically. You won’t be able to trade in as diverse a set of assets as you want to.

Page Updated: August 22, 2016

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